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Thread: Anyone Mod Their TE Yet?

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    Anyone Mod Their TE Yet?

    I'm debating whether or not I want to mod my TE. I've never done anything like that with a fight stick before, so trying it out on a $150 stick is kind of nerve racking. That said, I was wondering if anyone here has modded theirs yet? I'm curious as to how the buttons and stick are mounted in there.

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    Re: Anyone Mod Their TE Yet?

    Modifying these are very simple, expecailly since they used arcade parts. I own a few of the arcade games and the first thing I do iss replace the controls when I pickup a new game. So don't be intimidated and it is a lot easier then you would think. All the wires on TE stick have spade connectros, so that makes for easy swapping.

    I am going to make mine wireless. I already obtained an old PS3 controller to steal the board from and am ordering the Toodles Axisdapter Board. Then it will be just a matter of when I can get around to it. I sit very far away from my PS3 and am not looking forward to running a long USB cable, especially with 3 dogs. I really wish it would have been wireless from the beginning and I would have paid more for that if it was an option.

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