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    HD Smoke gameplay with fatality

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    Release day delivery now available for the Kollector's Edition on Amazon

    It's right there on the page PS3 Xbox 360 If you have an existing...
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    An offer for the Australians

    OK I'm willing to buy MK here and change the cover art and ship it you. I'm just wondering if anyone would be interested I don't know how I'll be able to receive or send money (don't have paypal). I'll do it if enough people want it. I'm heading to bed now so I'll check back tomorrow.
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    A Mortal Kombat Rage Comic

    A Rage comic I made inspired by the convo I had with Kilmansky and Outlander in TRMK's chat room about the 300th challenge. What do you guys think?
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    Interesting new post by Ed Boon Anybody think he's not joking?