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    Official Mortal Kombat X Media Thread

    Am I the only one who wants the bank stage from MK3 to make a come back? For what ever reason it used to be my favorite arena, along with The Temple. If its too bland looking then I'd be fine with them just using the rooftop of the bank
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    The Next MK Game Should Have ___ On The Cover

    I actually like what 2K is doing with their NBA cover this year. They have 3 cover athletes: Steph Curry, Anthony Davis and James Harden, but instead of having all 3 fit in one cover, its a tri-fold insert so you choose who you want out of the three on the cover. I think it'd be cool for NRS to...
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    Patch Notes for 6/23/2015

    A new patch is now LIVE for PS4 Users and should be up in a couple of hours on Xbox One. For those on PS4, Is it the compatibility patch? And if so give us Xbox users screen shots of what's Koming in a couple of weeks! General Gameplay Fixes You can now turn off auto saving of Match...
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    Jurassic World

    I passively read this section and didn't find a topic on this, so here we go Jurassic World, what did you guys that saw it think?? Personally, I loved it. I may be in the minority here but to me it was a great movie, it really brought me back to my childhood love of dinosaurs. It made me laugh...
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    Play as Tanya RIGHT NOW (Xbox One)

    Tanya got released hours before her official release date and is available to play right now, at least on Xbox one, I'm not sure about PS4. For those who have the Kombat Pack, simply go to the in game store, click on Kombat pack and a prompt will appear saying "You already own Kombat Pack"...
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    Tanya coming this Tuesday

    I've been wanting long, white haired Raiden for a VERY long time. It broke my heart when I unlocked his concept art in the Krypt and saw some of the designs they didn't go with. Edit: Also, Sub Zero. I hate his primary, why didn't they go with the design on the right?!?
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    Soccer Johnny, Capoeira Kang & Gaucho Lao

    Like I've said before, I call him Mariachi Kung Lao because TO ME, he looks like a mariachi player. I'm Mexican, and I live in a city in Texas that is about 80 percent Hispanic, so I've seen my fair share of Mariachi culture, hell, our High School has Mariachi as an elective right next to...
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    Would anyone be interested in Duke Nukem as a guest character?

    Seriously though, I like Predator and Jason, but I don't think there should be anymore guests in Mortal Kombat.
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    Official Mortal Kombat X Media Thread

    Also... Dafuuu? Mariachi Kung Lao? XD
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    Official Mortal Kombat X Media Thread

    I found the photos but they're small. Hold on a sec folks Edit: Here ya go, sorry for the low quality
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    Alternate Costume Gallery & Unlock Guide

    If you're still updating this thread Lord Greyjoy, MK4 Klassic Alt. Reptile
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    Official Mortal Kombat X Media Thread

    This is Klassic Reptile. His UMK3 costume over his lizard design, or MK4 alternate, however you want to look at it lol.
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    Official Mortal Kombat X Media Thread

    So uhh... media... yeah.. I saw this on Twitter, don't know if its been seen by others, but it does look like Photoshop was used. Can anyone confirm if its been proven fake?
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    Do you think Faction Wars will be tweaked?

    So... the Lin Kuei are at the top with 41 percent, and the closest one to them is the White Lotus at 21, followed by the Brotherhood (18 percent), black dragon (13 Percent) and Special Forces (6 Percent) as of now the Outworld is invading and of course, the Lin Kuei is ahead of everyone else...
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    Feudal Japan Skin Pack? *Update* Apparently this is old news, so instead let's use this thread to talk about alternate costumes that you would like to see in MKX, whether it be DLC or alternates that might be in the main game...