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    Confused about Injustice 2

    Hope you all have been well. Haven't been online much since I moved to Florida but I did pick up Injustice 2 today and I have a few questions for anyone willing to help me out. I never even played the first one so excuse the n00bness of this post. The questions are as follows: 1. When you start...
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    True or False: Tremor was Lin Kuei

    Hey all, I ran across a link to an RP (roleplay for those that don't know) community for Mortal Kombat. One of the people RPs as Tremor. Here's the link to the site that he created for him: I give him props for trying to flesh out a character and using...
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    Why I Hate Kung Jin

    "Blood of Kung Lao, descendant of The Great Kung Lao...a common thief." SMH
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    Mentioned in dialogues

    Hey guys, I remember when I first heard Kung Lao's intro dialogue with Sub-Zero where he tells him that Noob Saibot calls to him from the other side and how cool of a low key cameo that was. Recently, I was listening to an intro between Bo Rai Cho and Reptile that alludes to another Zaterran...
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    Issues with my copy of MKXL

    Hey guys, I just purchased my disc copy of MKXL. I've noticed that I can't play story mode and characters from KP2 aren't available for me to select. What's the deal with that?
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    Question about Mortal Kombat XL

    I'm confused about something so maybe some of you can clear this up for me. I left my Mortal Kombat X disc at a friend's house a week ago and haven't gotten it back yet. I was just curious: is Mortal Kombat XL an actual disc that we can buy at a store or is it solely a download/ad-on for the...
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    The Next Mortal Kombat Mythologies

    Hello all, We have had the chance to play Mortal Kombat X for quite a long while and watched more of the story between Sub-Zero and Scorpion develop with background information. I think there are still questions relating to many of the characters that have been in the previous titles that have...
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    MKX Twitch TV

    Hey guys. As I stated in a previous post, I just recently moved and purchased my own Playstation 4 with MKX. I'm trying to get a YouTube channel started where I upload streams of MKX. I have a few questions for anyone who is willing to help me out: 1. After I record my streams on Twitch, how...
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    Best Quotes in Mortal Kombat History

    I told everyone. Shinnok was not playing around this time. He came to do his thing! He definitely has the best quotes in the entire game. I've posted quite a few but I'm glad you caught that one. He straight up served Reptile's ass. I remember in Mortal Kombat 4, Reptile's ending showed Shinnok...
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    Is it possible to...

    A friend of mine asked me a question and I did not know the answer so I figured I'd post it to the thread. Our conversation revolved around how DLC is a ripoff, especially when it is already on a disc. That being said, the notion of unlocking DLC characters through secret or otherwise...
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    "Tremble Like The Earth" Tremor's Official Thread

    Hello, guys. We've had Tremor for a good while now. I thought it would be good to get an official thread started for him. What better way to introduce it than to state our feelings on his debut? I propose that we start off by stating whether or not you believe his debut delivered. Early...
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    Best Quotes in Mortal Kombat History

    Another epic Shinnok line: Mileena: You will not have Outworld! Shinnok: Apparently, neither will you. OOOOOOOOOOOOH SNAP! Shinnok 3 MKX cast 0.
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    Best Quotes in Mortal Kombat History

    We all know Mortal Kombat, as with many video games, has an abundance of cheesy lines. However, I do think there are some gems. This thread is intended for people to post the quotes from the franchise (be they game, movie, or otherwise) that feel like held the most weight in terms of...
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    Is NRS seeking to pander?

    Let's not get it twisted; I do think larger women can be attractive. For instance, London Andrews (below) is a knockout, regardless of her size: That being said, I do prefer that the ladies of Mortal Kombat keep unrealistic body components. It goes hand-in-hand with the fantasy aspect. No one...
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    D'Vorah or Sadira

    I'm up late and can't sleep because I'm super excited about moving tomorrow (heading to NYC for those wondering). That being said, I have a question for you all: D'Vorah or Sadira? I know we're all Mortal Kombat fans here but many of you like different video games and genres so I thought I'd...