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    credit card numbers = necessary?

    can i subscribe on xbox live without putting in my credit card number?
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    when did u first play MK

    i started with MK2 at the age of 4, the way...who respects ESRB ratings?
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    online feature

    is the online feature in MK shared...that is, can ps2 users play with xbox users?
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    onaga's arena

    what are the symbols that appear all around onaga's arena? some look like kamidogus....what happens if they all get destroyed?
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    not avatars...the pictures..

    hey people how can u make such cool pictures that i usually see under your names when u post or reply to topics?
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    mortal kombat card game 0_o

    you know how holidays just lie in the bed doing nothing. and i was lying on my bed i started thinking of a mortal kombat card game. this is how i tought of it: each player form its own deck....made up of kombatants each player has to gain points by doing something each...