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    Unlocked roster yay or nay?

    I vote yes I really liked having to unlock characters and guessing who was in the icon and I kinda miss doing so. I remember in MKDA and MKD the craze of everyone trying to find out and unlock the characters. But at the same time could be a pain for the competitive side of MK I know I would want...
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    So why all the hate for Sub-Zero players now!?!

    Lately in a matter of 2 or 3 days it seems all the hate on Smoke, Scorpion, and Kung Lao players is now on the Sub-Zero players. Now I main Sub, CSZ, and Quan Chi but lately I have been getting countless hate mails (which doesnt upset me one bit lol) about how im a noob because I pick Sub-Zero...
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    Whos excited for the new Assassin's Creed!?

    I know I am! I love the storyline and the characters glad to see its going to be the end for Altair and Ezio that way in when AC3 comes we can have a new Assassin. Im also excited that Altair is going to be playable cant wait to see what unfolds.
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    Ladder Master Trophy/Achievement help

    Does anybody have some good tips for beating the ladder on expert mode...I can generally get throught kombatants without much trouble at all especially if I use Noob Saibot. I usually play 1 round matches to make it go faster but im having my most trouble with Goro/Kintaro and Shao Kahn. I can...
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    Yet another Sub-Zero fan art! :)

    Ok after this one im doing some other kharacters as you can see im a huge Sub-Zero fan so I think its time I give some other kharacters some love ;)
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    Sub-Zero's alt attire from Deception

    I just recently did this one for my avatar and for the fact I dont think I have ever seen any fan art depicting this attire, I realize its not a fan favorite but it is my favorite look he has so far. I did make a some changes on here compared to the actual one in the game. Well here it is in a...
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    Ermac! MK9 Fan Art!!

    Here is an Ermac drawing I did as a request for Ermac1314 Enjoy!
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    NEW! Noob Saibot UMK3 remake attire

    Here is a request I did for RockHardMilkGuns: Enjoy This is probably the most difficult thing ive done for it being so simple just for the fact Noob is a hard person to color and shade
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    Reptile Fatality!!!! Fan Art MK9

    Here is a fatality I did in respond to a request from a TRMK member! Hope everyone likes it! Idea Credit goes to: SkaterKliff1991
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    Sub-Zero Alt Attire Mask or Unmasked

    What would you want to see and why? Also would anyone like to see a return of Shredder-Zero as DLC? I vote keep the mask As for Shredder-Zero: Yes I liked it
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    Sub-Zero Alt Attire Masked or Unmasked?

    What would you want to see and why? Also would anyone like to see a return of Shredder-Zero as DLC? I vote keep the mask As for Shredder-Zero: Yes I liked it EDIT: Sorry I realized I didnt make it very clear on the Poll YES means keep the mask NO means lose it
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    My Mk art work!

    Check out my artwork and feel free to critisize lol I plan on making my 1 attire of my own visions for all Kombatants in the near future as well but I will make a sperate thread for that bear in mind many of these drawings are old and only depict most attires already seen in the games some are...