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    Future of MK

    hopefully something good comes from WB this e3. If MK11 is anything to go by than I don't expect anything to be announced until the video game awards. I love to be wrong. Here's max going over the E3 sced
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    Future of MK

    Capcoms re released their old games multiple times now yet NRS can't be bothered to re release ONE game. WB's proved they can't handle outsourcing anything so I don't get why Boon keeps digging up old wounds. It's beyond pathetic at this point.
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    Mortal Kombat 2021 Discussion

    I've already stated my thoughts about the movie in the future of mk thread but to sum it up in one word ''meh''.
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    Future of MK

    MK 2021 was pretty meh for me. It felt to convoluted by introducing new characters no one cares about for the sake of telling a new story. MK has so much lore it's like the director and screen writers didn't know what to do with it so they just made up stuff. This movie felt like fanservice with...
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    Future of MK

    Hadn't we kicked this dead horse enough? WB's doesn't care about the old games.
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    Sony is pulling the psn stores on ps1-3 in July!

    Almost forgot to mention this...but if you want to download any ps1-3 vita or psp games do it now. Sony had confirmed to be pulling all their digital stores on their older systems not PS4 in July. Here’s the info IGN link
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    Video game pick ups for 2021

    Due to the current state of affairs my list is small but lets try to make the most of it. Here is my list. Make yours... 1. TMNT shredders revenge 2. Mass effect trilogy remaster 3. Resident evil 8 4. PlayStation 5 disc version (I’m not paying scalper prices) with demons souls.
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    What game are you playing right now?

    Injustice 2 mainly. I dropped mk11 months ago
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    Rate the last Movie you saw.

    I'm too lazy to post the new mk movie trailer but im sure everyone knows what google is. It looks promising but it might be a little too try hard. Goro looks great but other than that it doesn't really have the charm of the original. I'll check it out hopefully I'll be surprised.
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    Mortal Kombat 11 General Discussion Media Thread

    That's always been NRS biggest problem post mk9 IMO. It's hard for me to get excited for a new game if they're just going to reinvent the wheel for every character. I'm fine with some change obviously, but making the older cast unrecognizable gameplay wise from their previous games is more...
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    Crash Bandicoot 4 announced

    I'm surprised we're getting a new crash game so soon! Check it.
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    Streets of Rage 4

    I hope this game preforms well financially so we get more classic beat em up style games. I'm really enjoying what I've played so far. The gameplay is smooth and the music is bawler. The street of rage games hold a special place in my heart so the fact we got a fourth one (and sega didn't shit...
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    Skull girl creator explains why wifi sucks for gaming

    I figured since we're still stuck indoors, I'd post this (Obvious) video of Mike Z explaining how wifi affects fighting games. It's always cool to see a developer break these things down, enjoy.
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    Classic MK 1-UMK3 coming to consoles and pc leak

    This is a leak/rumour for now but it's front page on Test your might so I figured it was worth posting here.
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    Video game pick ups of 2020

    You know the drill, new year,new games, new consoles ps5 and xbox series x. This year is going to be bonkers! Make your list. Here's mine... 1. Resident evil 3 remake 2. Streets of rage 4 3. Final fantasy 7 remake 4. Cyberpunk 5. Doom eternal 6. Last of us 2 7. Ghost of Tsushima 8...