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    Lets see those gaming rigs!!!

    There is a noticeable difference. However its not like its MUCH better, I still think 60fps looks fine. Its not like the difference between 30 and 60, because personally I think 30 fps looks ****ing disgusting. Also here is a picture I took after I got it finally running after just assembling it.
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    Silent Hills!

    OMG New Silent Hill game coming out and it is looking like it will actually be good! Anyone else absolutely stoked? Anything anyone is hoping to see? Any worries for the game?
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    Achievements not unlocking

    Hey so, i just got gears of war 3, and the achievements arent unlocking. I know I should be getting them but im not, ALSO when I go to look at the list of achievements nothing comes up, it just says "here is where you achievements would be" Does anyone know how to fix this? has it ever happened...
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    mk9 on the vita

    so i read that its basically confirmed mk9 will be on the vita and i was wondering what are your guys thoughts? Im wondering if it will still have all the same content and everything that the normal version has. If it is identical to the console version, i would be forced to buy a vita :P
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    New MW3 trailer

    Not into CoD from a professional FPS perspective, but i do like the story lines and how hollywood they feel, and this new storyline looks pretty sick!
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    I had the best midnight release EVAR!!!

    Okay so I went to gamestop lastnight to get the kollectors for 360, then I see they are having a mk1 tournament, sign up, win with sub zero and I get some sweet goodies, a old mk comic, old sonya figurine, and some old trading cards :D that's not all they also had a raffle for one copy of mk for...
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    Quan Chi Gameplay???

    Hey Ive been looking for some gameplay with Quan chi and cant find anything!!! Does anyone know of any :(
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    Scariest Movie?

    Hey just got back from watching insidious, nearly shat myself, anyways... I was just wondering, what in your opinion is the scariest movie ever??? To me, the most traumatizing was signs, that movie left me scared for months, but then again, it might be because i watched it when i was like 8...
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    Who else thinks scorpions fatalities will change?

    Alright, so im wondering, does anyone think the fatalities for scorpion they show now arent going to be the final ones? I mean, lets think about it, he is THE most popular character of the ENTIRE franchise. They would probably spend a LOT of time perfecting his fatalities, but at the same time...
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    2v2 color swap?

    Alright so you know how if in a 1v1 match if both players choose the same characters the color of something on the character will be different? like P1 scorpion is yellow and P2 scorpion is orange I was wondering, what would happen if in a 2v2, everyone chose the same character, like scorpion...
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    What Realm would you live in?

    If you could what Mortal Kombat realm would you want to live in? Personally I would love to live in Edenia, nice and pretty, I dont feel like im about to be decapitated :P
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    (Spoilers) Fire and Ice

    So i was reading through the endings of the characters and sub-zeros stood out Wouldnt this be a great storyline for the so called "Mortal Kombat: Fire and Ice" game that was cancelled that was going to be a sequel to shaolin monks but instead of liu kang and kung lao it had sub and scorpion...
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    How will you spend 4/20?

    I dont know about you but im just gonna sit back relax and play some mk9, I mean theres nothing special going on that day right? ;) I mean it is the day after MK9 comes out, that is a very special occasion :)
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    IGN JFK Interview an article with the musician JFK about the new MK soundtrack, he talks about the process for choosing the artists and how they chose the characters that fit themselves and why he chose to do the scorpion theme, an interesting read
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    What would you do for MK9?

    What is the most ridiculous thing you could think of to get your early copy of MK9?! Also NOTE that this copy you would receive is completely finished, all of the polishing is complete, and it cant get any better. So I couldnt think of anything all that good so I think I would run up to a...