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    EVO 2012: It is here!

    Streams: ◊ Vampire...
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    Check out this crazy Kung Lao match!

    Perfect Legend still doing it. The multiple teleport kick setups at 9:14 are crazy!
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    Check out this crazy Noob match!

    From CEO 2012 top 8 over the weekend.
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    Road to EVO 2012: CEO 2012 (June 15-17)

    GRAND FINAL vVv REO (Kenshi/Kabal) vs vVv CDjr (Jax) Main stream: Secondary stream: Still awaiting the schedule for MK today and tomorrow. I DO know that Mortal Kombat Top 8 Finals will be held on Sunday from 12-12...
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    Road to EVO 2012: Northwest Majors 4.
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    Check out this crazy Jax match!

    CDJr vs EGP Tyrant.
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    EGP: Live from MLG After Hours Check out that Jax mirror match in the first link (2:28:00). Best I've ever seen.
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    Ultimate Fighting Game Tournament 8: Infinity

    Finals tonight. Here's some vids from yesterday's pools:
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    Trying to identify a great rushdown Cyrax seen in a tournament earlier this year.

    There was some tournament earlier this year where somebody played a Cyrax completely different from how he usually plays. He wasn't using net setups or big combos, instead he was in close whittling down opponents like Johnny Cage or Liu Kang pressuring them with punch combos into that Reverse...
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    What ever happened to Mileena's EX leap attack where she stabs you?

    Just started practicing with her after a long time and did the EX, it's now the same neckbite as before with a kickoff at the end. Did Netherrealms change this?
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    Some patch details via NRS stream