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    My MK Fan MOVIE! (With Effects)

    This is a little movie me, my step-brother and his friend Joey made one day, and I want to show you guys. Were planning to make part 2 soon, cuz now we have a complete sound pack with every MK sound ever made, so tell me what the combants should be on...
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    Ultimate MK Ninja?

    Title says it all...who do you think is the all time best Mortal Kombat ninja? From story to overall beefyness! :-D
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    Shinnok Clone!?!?

    Well I beat the game with Shinnok about a day ago or so and it says something about him just being a clone of the real Shinnok, but I don't remember the story ever saying a clone was made or how it was made. Can someone explain this to me? lol
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    Is Rain Evil or Good?

    I know this is a dumb question but does anybody know if Rain is evil or good? lol
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    Worst & Best Endings?

    Whats the worst and best endings from MK:A do u think?
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    Hurt Or Heal MK:A!!

    k so this is Hurt or Heal, here's how u play...I pick 10 characters from Mk:A each with 15 health and each person that posts hurts and heals someone! At the end we'll see who will go onto Round 2!! Scorpin: 15 Sub-Zero: 15 Rain: 15 Liu Kang: 14 Kintaro: 15 Quan-Chi: 15 Shao-Kahn: 15 Reptile: 15...