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    What is the Remote option at the Character select screen on the PS3?

    Sometimes when playing online at the character select screen, I will see someone go to the options by pressing 1 (square) and they will select "remote". What is that for? What does it do? And how can I use it?
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    Local Oregon: Portland/Beaverton/Hillsboro/Vancouver Tournament

    I'm hoping to have a local tournament, before I select a venue, just curious if there is enough interest out there, besides Ames and Blackbeard. When gamestop had the launch party there were atleast 18 other players that competed...not to mention the huge mass of people that pre-ordered the...
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    Regional Players Check-in: Portland, OR / Vancouver, WA?

    Where are the local players in Oregon? Anyone out there? Check in here! I'd love to find any local players, and host a couple local tournaments for the new MK game. I am located in Hillsboro, OR. Picking up MK for PS3. Local players wanted! :) Text Me your info if you want to be added...