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    The InKredible Adventures of Gootecks and Mike Ross

    Don't know how many of you people know about these too guys and their webseries... but they post videos of them playing fighting games such as, ssf4, and mvc3, and have been doing so for a while now... and they started a new series with mortal kombat... thought you guys might enjoy it! they put...
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    Disabled Gamer - Inspiration

    Hey guys I came accross this video from it is primarly a Streetfighter and Marvel 3 community website. I originally heard about this guy a couple weeks ago while watching a tournament stream of SSF4 and the commentators kept talking about it! He is a Chun-Li player and plays...
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    Move Cancels

    Ok - I can't remember if we already talked about this somewhere - but I searched for a thread on it and couldn't find it. Just wanted to talk to you guys about the ability to cancel moves in this game. Here is a video of 2 move cancels for Johnny Cage (this are not the best examples, but...
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    X-ray vs. X-ray

    Ok - I just got done doing some testing. I didn't find a thread about this so here goes. I have been testing Johnny Cage's X-ray against the other X-Rays and here is what I have found. Johnny Cage's Xray counters Scorpions and Subzero's X-ray moves, but.. It doesnt counter Mileena's xray. If...
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    Blocking Throws

    Ok ~ i tried to search for this but couldn't find anything so if there is a thread about it ~ point me to it Anyone who has been to the truck tour or maybe DCP can answer this, but I want to know if you can Block throws just by holding the block button. The reason I ask is because I dont...
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    BlazBlue Continuum Shift

    How many of you have played this game? and is it any good? I've been a long time Mortal Kombat fan, but am just now starting to really get into the fighting genre of video games, and it looks like it is pretty interesting game. Just wanted to get some peoples input on it Ive always played MK...
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    Coming Soon: Game Mode Video