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    Ridiculous 50/50 game...

    So many of the characters seem to have a major advantage in having a 50/50 game with both options leading into a 30+ damage combo. This just leads into a lame guessing game, and if guessed wrong, you repeat.. A 50/50 game should ideally be a reasonably damaged knock down or poke to bait any...
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    Kitana Revealed!

    There is definitely an Indian/Middle Eastern influence with her new design, mostly with the jewelry and the eyes.
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    For those complaining about this game being a re-hash

    I feel this needs its own thread, since this seems to be an on-going debate. Returning Characters For those complaining about there being too many returning characters, there are still plenty of roster space left, and if NRS are going to reveal characters, they would reveal returning...
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    Will the 3 character variations actually work?

    Dont get me wrong, I am really liking the idea But my only issue with it is, how are they going to manage to balance the 3 variations relatively equally, and wouldn't players predominately stick to one variation because of its tier ranking with at least one variation being possible ignored by...