The FAQs Page
Last Updated: 9-4-00

This area is where I will answer most if not all the questions I recieve about The Grid. Many people ask many questions, and I find this is the best way to cover questions asked so people can look these up and see a better explaination of some things on the site.



Q: How many players can play The Grid at one time?
A: The number of players that can compete in The Grid at one time depends on how many cabinets that your local arcade has. You can find The Grid in anywhere from 1 to 6 player cabinets. I doubt a single player cabinet will be found anywhere, the most common it seems is 3-4 player cabinets. More popular locations will have the 5-6 player cabinet setup.

Q: What does $uper Charged do?
A: First, to become $uper Charged you must collect $2,000 in one game round. When you are $uper Charged you move and shoot MUCH faster than you do normally.

Q: How do you get Da Bomb?
A: You get Da Bomb by collecting $4,000 in one game round. Da Bomb will kill all the players you are playing against, including yourself. When you have it you must use the attack button to detonate it. If you step on a teleport pad or hit the Special Move button you will lose the bomb.

Q: Why is the single player too hard or too easy?
A: The single player game is built on skill really. The newer at the game you are the harder it will be. But as you get better and advance through the towers you will find the computer remains at about the same difficulty level but the time limits increase as the number of enemies to kill increase. But the better you get at the game the easier the game gets.

Q: How much does it cost to play?
A: The standard pricing for The Grid is 2 credits to start, 2 credits to continue. Most places will have 2 credits equaling $0.50. Also in multiplayer games the winner stays, loser(s) pays.

Q: Why do I keep losing in the games when I tie in points?
A: In order to win when there is a tie at the end of a round, you must have more money than the other person you tied in points with.

Q: How do I switch weapons?
A: You can only carry one weapon at a time, so if you want to switch weapons you have to pick another one up.

Q: Why should I create a personal account with a pin number?
A: Well this is a good thing if you want to keep track of your wins/losses/kills as you play more. Also it will allow you to unlock and play as the many hidden characters in the game.

Q: What is the best player in single player games?
A: This is really personal preference here, I am not one to say which characters are better than others. Some characters are faster and weaker where others are slower and stronger. Some special moves are better than others, and this comes into play a lot also.

Q: Who is the best player in multiplayer games?
A: See above question.

Q: Is there a first person perspective?
A: No there isn't, it was planned before but scrapped for technical reasons from what I can gather.


Q: What is The Gridís control panel layout?
A: There is a joystick that controls forward, backward, and left/right strafe movements on the left. On the right is a trackball for aiming and a special move button below the trackball to execute a playerís special move. In the top center of the control panel is a keypad used to enter your player pin and other special codes in the game. Here is a picture below.

Q: What is Free Look?
A: Free Look is an advanced style of aiming for The Grid. Instead of the game aiming up and down for you, you have to aim up and down if an enemy is above or below your center view. It isnít recommended for use unless you really know what you are doing. It may also increase the money you collect, but this is uncertain right now.

Q: Does the Grid have a way to inverse the trackballs free look aiming?
A: I'll have to look into that.


Q: Where can I play The Grid?
A: Well check out our Locations page to be able to find a place to play The Grid closest to you.

Q: Where is MK5?
A: This is The Grid Guide, not the MK5 Guide. Rumor has it a MK5 preview is built into The Grid, but you must beat the game 5 times in a row playing as Scorpion without losing one life. (That was a joke for those who are easily influenced by totally false rumors)

Q: How does The Grid compare to War: Final Assault?
A: They are two totally different games, with totally different design teams, and different weapons and control styles.

Gameplay: Not being a big fan of War I canít compare the two all too well. War for one has a maze style single player missions where you are battling enemies and picking up power ups as you go through levels. The Grid is mainly a multiplayer game, itís single player is all multiplayer levels and styles with objectives to achieve in a time limit.

Controls: War uses buttons to move forward/back and to strafe left/right where The Grid uses a joystick to perform these movements. War uses a joystick for aiming, where The Grid uses a trackball to aim.

Q: What is the three zeros on the bottom of the select screen there for?
A: That is the area that you enter the codes into the game.

Q: What is that icon to the right of the code box on the player select screen?
A: That scroll icon, when itís there, is a count for how many times you have beaten the game.

Q: What is the icon to the left of the code box on the player select screen?
A: That icon, when there is one, is a ranking icon that shows the rank you are in money and points. I currently donít have a list of the ranks and their icons, so until then itís all just a symbol you have that will change when your rank does (ie new character unlocked.)

Q: How do you unlock the hidden characters?
A: To unlock the hidden characters in The Grid you must first certain criteria. The criteria can be either a certain amount of total money, total kills, or times you have beaten the game. Please see the Secrets Page for more information.