August 1st, 2004
9:29 AM CST -
Cory "Shinnokxz" Hansen writes, "GameSpot recently put up 'Official Trailer 3' of MK: Deception. It shows
Kabal, Stryker, Shujinko, Reiko, Tanya, some Hari Kair moves-- the
high-res version is awesome."
August 3rd, 2004
8:39 AM CST -
Today, Midway officially announced Limited Editions of Mortal Kombat: Deception. The Limited Edition will have five different distinct box covers. The PS2's "Premium Pack" will get a Sub-Zero cover while the Xbox’s "Kollectors Edition" will have Baraka, Mileena, Raiden and Scorpion box covers. It will have a MSRP of $59.99 and contain the following extra features:

  • An arcade-perfect, playable of the original Mortal Kombat® videogame
  • Over 40 minutes of bonus DVD video content featuring a "History of Mortal Kombat" movie that chronicles the origins of the franchise through the release of Mortal Kombat: Deception, along with exclusive biographical videos for each of the 25 characters in the game.
  • A serialized, embossed metal Kollector's Card created exclusively for the Limited Edition sets; there will be five unique cards in total (each of a different MK character), corresponding to the respective packaging.

August 25th, 2004
10:09 AM CST -

GameSpot was visited by Midway and got their hands on the latest build of Mortal Kombat: Deception. Here's a bit on the online experience.

While it's not surprising to note that puzzle kombat and MK chess run smoothly online, kombat is worth crowing about from the rafters. Despite the game's work-in-progress condition, our matches ran smoothly and were very responsive. There were some very minor hitches that were to be expected, especially considering that we weren't playing the final game, but the fact that we managed to play MK online--and that it ran well--was downright momentous. The voice chat was a nice touch, although during the more intense matches, you should plan on hearing a lot of silence punctuated by occasional bursts of profanity--which is a lot like playing in the arcades.

Also, TeamXbox takes Midway Arcade Treasures 2 out for a spin and relives the impact of each included game had.

August 31st, 2004
9:17 AM CST -
Game Informer takes a hands-on preview of the$latest build of Mortal Kombat: Deception. Here is what they have to say about the game's graphics.

Visually Deception is a step up from Deadly Alliance and sports some very impressive character models and fluid animations. While the title does fall back on its distinctive 'lock and move' style of fighting, the overall look of the action unfolding on-screen is still on par with other fighting titles on the market. Particle effects(and blood are also well rendered and although the gore at times seems to be more strawberry jelly than actual blood, the copious amounts that fly everywhere should keep everyone happy. The only real drawback that I can find in the visuals is the somewhat sketchy character models in Konquest. While the main characters are well rendered, secondary characters are generic.

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