August 4th, 2000
11:43 PM CST -
GameSpot VG has finally posted their review of Mortal Kombat Special Forces. GameSpot VG's Senior Editor, Jeff Gerstmann, quite frankly obliterated the game with a score of 2.1. Here is a excerpt from the review.

Lately, however, the Mortal Kombat mythos has lost a great deal of steam. Mortal Kombat 4 wasn't received particularly well, and the series' first non-"fighting game" entry, MK Mythologies: Sub-Zero, wasn't exactly welcomed with open arms, either. Still, you got the impression that the people working on the games genuinely cared about them and took the time to ensure that the storyline maintained most of its continuity. Mortal Kombat Special Forces contains none of this, resulting in holes in the plot, slapdash level design, and a general sense of "Let's just make sure the game doesn't crash so we can get it on store shelves and earn back at least a little bit of the money we spent" on Midway's part.

You can check out the rest of the review here. Thanks to Jeff Jewett for the heads up.
August 5th, 2000
2:20 AM CST -
If you would like to own your own replica Reptile costume visit this eBay Listing. It was made from photos of a Scorpion costume from an arcade trade show back when MK2 was hitting the arcades.

2:27 AM CST -
I have received word that the first few hundred units of The Grid are hitting arcades nationwide for testing as you read this. There should be one more revision before the game is final. If you find an arcade with The Grid e-mail it to me (Patrick) so I can compile a list of known arcades for these next two months until it's more wide spread. This way people looking for the game can find their closeest location. Also expect an redesign/update to our The Grid Coverage Pages within the week. Also don't forget The Grid Official Web Site for lots of indepth info and lots of pictures from the game. So be sure to check that out.
August 7th, 2000
4:57 PM CST -
To coincide with the nationwide test release of The GRID, I have to present to you all, TRMK's The GRID Guide. This is a vast update on the page we ran while the game was testing in Chicago. There are still updates to be made, but I wanted to get the guide out there so that people who are just receiving the game have more current information.

Don't forget, if you have a question regarding The GRID that can be added to the FAQ page or if you know of a location that has The GRID, please email me at
August 15th, 2000
6:22 PM CST -
The Grid's design team has relocated the The GRID Official web site over to You can still access it via a link over at The Grid's Lead Programmer Ed Boon's web site over at Nothing has seemed to be changed on the site in the last few weeks since it went up, so I'd expect an update of some kind over there soon.

Still looking for a place to Get Your Grid On? then be sure to check out our The Grid Locatons Page. Also be sure to email Patrick McCarron with your The Grid sightings.
August 21st, 2000
8:10 PM CST -
I have updated the locations and secrets areas of TRMK's The Grid Guide today. The updates might be infrequent for awhile because I have moved back to school for the year now, summer is over, and there is no The Grid out here for me to play just yet. I am also waiting for my DSL line to get installed in my apartment. So until then keep sending me your locations and questions, I hope to have the FAQ page up by this weekend with many questions and answers for all you Grid players out there.
August 25th, 2000
2:29 AM CST -

Yes, that's right! Ed Boon has updated his web site with a single image of the number five filled with Scorpion's face. It may not be much, but it is enough to quench the thirsts of hungry MK fans everywhere. Special thanks to Jason Thomas for the heads up.
Want to discuss this image? Share your thoughts with the rest of the MK community on our message board.
August 30th, 2000
9:23 AM CST -
Midway's new arcade shooter, The GRID, is making its way across arcades nationwide. Keep checking your local arcades and our own Location Finder for an arcade near you. If you don't see your arcade listed and it has The GRID. Send an e-mail over to Patrick so we can bring you some competition.

If your area still doesn't have The GRID, DEMAND IT! Here are some MPEG movies to wet your appetite.

The GRID Promo

MPG 320x240 (7.66MB)
MPG 160x120 (3.52MB)


MPG 320x240 (4.00MB)
MPG 160x120 (1.84MB)


MPG 320x240 (4.00MB)
MPG 160x120 (1.84MB)


MPG 320x240 (4.00MB)
MPG 160x120 (1.84MB)

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