October 6th, 2000
6:35 PM CST -
The Official Grid Web Site has updated with lots more content within the past week. So here is a quick overrun of all the content changes. Check it out.

  • They added this page for the results and photo/video coverage for the recent Chicagoland The Grid tournament.

  • The Making The Grid page now has some early stetches for different Grid players and arenas. Including a stetch of a secret character for the next version? Maybe!

  • Also the Grid Images page is up with tons of pictures of the Grid players, secret players, and more.

  • The Movies Page now has a video clip from the AMOA 2000 show in Las Vegas.

  • The News Page has a scan of the Official Dreamcast page about The Grid.

October 11th, 2000
9:38 PM CST -
For all you with problems to this day geting Mortal Kombat Trilogy for Windows working on your newer video cards and operating systems, PsychoSy has updated his great UNIVBE workaround FAQ to help solve your problems you might be having with running this game. It can be found over at GameFaqs. Hope this solves any problems you MKT PC users are having. Now to find a Win2000 fix for MKT.
October 14th, 2000
8:51 AM CST -
Here is another tournament announcement (courtesy of The Grid Official Web Site)

GRID Tournament at Putt-Putt Golf and Games in Fort Wayne, Indiana!!

When: Thursday, October 19th @ 8:00pm

Where: Putt-Putt Golf and Games

4530 Speedway Drive

Ft. Wayne, IN

phone number = (219) 483 - 7618

Cost: NOTHING....Nada....FREE

Prizes: Not exactly known yet. EVERYONE gets a prize just for playing. I am guessing the winner will most likely win something like 100 tokens. "I guess that's what you get." Not for 100% sure though.

Rules: Sounds like everyone must pick from only the original 8 characters. Possibility of no codes. If codes are allowed, it will only be 443 so that no one wins cheaply with the golden mega shotgun.

We have 3 machines hooked together. The first several rounds will feature 3 people playing with the top two advancing. In the semi-finals and finals, 2 people will have to play in 1-on-1 matches. There is a chance we might have double elimination, but this is not for sure.

October 16th, 2000
5:39 PM CST -
The Realm of Mortal Kombat and GamePlanet are proud to present The Grid Message Board, exclusively for Grid discussions from players around the world to use. The message board is hosted by Gamers.com, so all you need to do is have an account on Gamers.com to post on the board.

In other Grid news, we acquired some new pictures of Noob from the new revision courtesy of Dan (bbruce at
. Here they are!

Noob Takes Aim

Noob waits before entering battle.

Noob gets selected and looks at the cheerleaders.

Noob awaiting a victim.

October 22nd, 2000
1:39 PM CST -
Thanks to Mike (KAPER) from Cyberstation for the first two pics of the new hidden character in The Grid, Red Dog 6. You can also see some behind the scenes development sketches of him over at The Official Grid Web Site.

Red Dog wins the round.

Red Dog awaits battle!

Also don't forget to visit the The Grid Message Board to dicuss the new version of The Grid with all the Chicagoland players.
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