September 1st, 1999
11:51 AM CST -
It appears that plans have fallen through for John Tobias' apperance at tonight's "Wednesday Fight Night Chat" at Instead, tonight's featured guest will be producer and writer for Mortal Kombat Annihilation and the Defenders of the Realm animated series, Josh Wexler. Details follow:

Due to a last minute problem, John Tobias, co-creator of the Mortal Kombat games, will not be able to attend the tonight's Wednesday Edition of's Fight Night chat.

We truly say we are sorry to the fans who were expecting to chat with John tonight. We hope to have him at a later date.

Josh Wexler, Producer and Writer of the movie Mortal Kombat Annihilation as well as the Mortal Kombat: Defenders of the Realm animated series will be the replacement for John as tonight's edition of's Fight Night chat!

The chat will be tonight, Wednesday, September 1st at 9pm Eastern Time,
6pm Pacific Time

You can access the chat via the java chatroom at -

You can also access the chatroom via the Internet Relay Chat Network or
IRC by visiting and downloading a free IRC chat

port: 6667
channel: #mortalkombat

9:14 PM CST -
We have received word that the circumstances surrounding the cancellation of John Tobias' planned chat appearance at Threshold's aren't as simple as previously thought. It appears that Tobias did not cancel himself from tonight's chat. We have been informed that Midway had requested Threshold to cancel John Tobias. We should have more information as the story develops.

September 4th, 1999
8:32 PM CST - finally has a new AVI video of Mortal Kombat Gold. The video contains cut scenes from Cyrax's new ending and fighting sequences from one of the new secret characters, Sektor.

September 6th, 1999
5:36 PM CST - has updated with their final review of Mortal Kombat Gold, receiving a 5.0. Here is a small blurb from Jeff Gerstmann's review:

The game really does come across as a perfect port of the arcade game, though it also has all the extras the other console versions have, like the Ice Pit level and Goro, as well as the rendered FMV endings that had been featured on the PlayStation. Load times are next to nothing, and the graphics and sound are on par with the arcade version. Even though it's a perfect port of the arcade version, the graphics look pretty dated, especially when compared with some of the other Dreamcast launch titles.

    In addition to the review, 13 more screenshots have been added to the gallery, including some from Cyrax's ending.

6:06 PM CST -
Due to network re-organization at TRMK's access provider, we experienced some downtime this weekend. Special thanks go to Adam Heath and Johnie Ingram for helping to get the server back up.

September 7th, 1999
9:09 AM CST -
MKX has some great observations/impressions on recent playings of Mortal Kombat Gold on display at local malls, etc. You should be warned that these do contain some adult language, but are very informative.
5:49 PM CST -
Gamecenter has 7 screenshots from Mortal Kombat Gold.
5:54 PM CST - has a review of Mortal Kombat Gold up, giving it an overall score of 6.3 out of 10. Here is a snippet from it:

But enough with the moaning. To be fair, Mortal Kombat has never been hailed as the deepest fighter of the bunch, nor has it ever claimed to be. Anyone going in expecting the next King of Fighters or Street Fighter Alpha is in for a disappointment. To make up for the shallow fighting engine, MK Gold has added quite a few extras to extend your interest somewhat. Five returning characters, including those bad asses Baraka and Cyrax have joined the cast. Offering what most recent games in the genre do nowadays, there is a Practice Mode and Endurance Mode too. Endurance Mode tests your mettle against a lot of opponents, while giving you only one life bar to work with. Definitely a challenge. Team Mode is here, so you can choose up to five comrades and go on a KOF- style challenge, or just hang out in the Tournament Mode and crown a champion for your household. Despite all these extra modes however, I found it hard to find a reason to go back. After you have seen all the Fatalities, what else is there to really keep you playing?

September 8th, 1999
4:02 PM CST -
Stores all across the nation received their shipments of Sega Dreamcast and coincedently, Mortal Kombat Gold. (many games won't be received by stores until tomorrow, like Ready 2 Rumble). Some stores are going to open up tonight at 12:01. So if you had reserved Mortal Kombat Gold you will be able to pick it up tomorrow when your store opens.

4:13 PM CST -
TRMK has gotten our hands on the main cheat code that will enable the cheats menu which includes: Easy Endings, One Button Fatalities, Short Matches, and All Time Kombat Kodes. Without further ado, here we go!

MKG Main Cheats Menu
At the title screen (before the main menu), enter the following directions on the controller: U - U - D - D - L - L - R - R. If you entered the code correctly the announcer will say "Outstanding." (keep trying if it didn't work) Then press start to enter the main menu, and then press the two trigger buttons (L and R). This will activate the Cheats Menu.

    We also have the codes to get Goro, Noob Saibot, and Sektor, but we'll wait until tomorrow to release them when we release our Complete Guide to Mortal Kombat Gold. Make sure you're prepared by making sure you've got all the appropriate plugins by clicking on the buttons at the top of the screen.

September 9th, 1999
12:03 PM CST -
Welcome to 9.9.99. The Realm of Mortal Kombat presents The Complete Guide to Mortal Kombat Gold. This guide is implemented with Macromedia Flash and is accompanied by RealMedia clips of the majority of character endings. Also included is all of the new characters' storylines, moves, and fatalities.

In addition to the flash guide, we also have two accessory guides. The first is a cheat codes guide that contains codes and procedures on how to uncover the secret characters. The second is a mini moves list that has been designed to be printed out on 3 pages precisely.

We will be updating these guides constantly as soon as we find new moves and codes. If you happen to come across something that we don't have in our guides, send us an e-mail!

Now go enjoy your Sega Dreamcast and Mortal Kombat Gold!
September 11th, 1999
9:56 AM CST -
If you tried to send us an e-mail at our Moves Handler address, you would have received an error message. We have since then fixed the problem and are ready to receive your news, moves, and combos.

Since we released our Mortal Kombat Gold Guides, we have made some major additions and revisions to both character moves and codes. The Printable Mortal Kombat Gold Moves List is the first to be updated with new revisions followed by our Flash Guide at the end of the week.

5:38 PM CST -
It appears that MK co-creator, Ed Boon, is going to do another chat on IRC. Check out for the full update. Here is an excerpt:

I've been flooded with emails lately asking me to have
another IRC chat. Apparently there were lots more questions you guys wanted to ask about MK Gold and MK5 but didn't get a chance last time. You asked? You got it!! Next week (most likely Thursday 9-16-99) will host a chat. I will confirm the time here soon.

    Thanks Trash of MKX.

September 12th, 1999
10:57 PM CST -
We here at TRMK have decided to start a listing of bugs discovered in MKG in hopes maybe they will be fixed for future copies of the game. The TRMK bug list can be found here. If you know of any bugs needed to be added to this list, please send them to Patrick McCarron along with a detailed description on how you got the bug to show up.

Future plans for this compilation are to get some screenshots of each of the bugs on the list, so if anyone can take screenshots of the bugs go ahead and send them in as well.

September 13th, 1999
2:05 AM CST -
Ed Boon updated his site with links to some of the greatest MK related web sites on the internet. We take pride in the fact that we are among those listed, and it is our pledge to bring you even more great coverage in the future.
Recently we've received a lot of praise on our Mortal Kombat Gold Flash Guide and we would like to thank everyone for the positive feedback that it has generated. Future guides may soon follow, pending completion of other site projects.

September 14th, 1999
10:50 PM CST -
Mortal Kombat co-creator Ed Boon has updated his page with final details about his follow-up chat session. Here is all of the pertinent info:

Mortal Kombat Chat:
Date: Thursday 9-16-99
Time: 6PM Pacific (8PM Central)
IRC Server:
Channel: #mortalkombat

    If you can't make it, don't worry! TRMK staff will be there and a log file will be available on our site shortly after the session ends. If you have any questions you want us to ask on your behalf, send them to TetterkeT. To access the chat, you may want to grab mIRC. Finally, to avoid repeat questions you may want to familiarize yourself with what took place at the chat session several weeks ago. View the log here.
September 15th, 1999
5:42 PM CST -
Executive Producer of almost everything related to Mortal Kombat at Threshold, Lawrence Kasanoff, will be tonight's featured guest at's Wednesday Fight Night Chat. An announcement on the fate of Mortal Kombat Conquest is expected to be made at this chat. Here is all the chatting info:

Tonight's featured guest on Wednesday Fight Night Chat at is Executive Producer, Lawrence Kasanoff.

The chat will be tonight, Wednesday, September 15th at 9pm Eastern Time, 6pm Pacific Time.

You can access the chat via the java chatroom at -

You can also access the chatroom via the Internet Relay Chat Network or IRC by visiting and downloading an IRC chat program.

port: 6667
channel: #mortalkombat

11:42 PM CST -
During tonight's chat, Larry Kasanoff still didn't have a definite answer for fans regarding the fate of Mortal Kombat Conquest. Larry said that there are still problems needed to be worked out before a second season would be possible. He did, however, say that Conquest will return in some shape or form.

Larry also announced the beginning of a new on-line feature of called Federation of Martial Arts. The basic concept behind this new feature is to have characters picked by the audience to fight in a tournament, broadcasted over the Internet. Head on over to to learn more about Federation of Martial Arts.

September 16th, 1999
8:40 PM CST -
Mortal Kombat co-creator Ed Boon held another chat this evening. He helped shed some light on issues regarding Mortal Kombat Gold and gave some more insight on the upcoming arcade title Mortal Kombat 5. Here are some of the key points from this chat installment:

  • Midway plans to release a fixed version of Mortal Kombat Gold.
  • Mortal Kombat 5 will sport multiple fighting styles for each character.
  • MK5 will have a "Pit" stage as well as stages with floors you can blast through.
  • The current background stage in development involves a lot of water and a floating device.
  • The MK5 development team is paying special attention to detail with regards to cloth, sweat, and hair.

    • You can view the log of what was said here. Special thanks to Ed Boon and Kevin Day for putting this chat session together. We appreciate it greatly!
    September 20th, 1999
    4:00 PM CST - added to their growing number of features on the history of certain video games, with The History of Mortal Kombat. The feature focuses on The Storyline and The Games, with plans for a second installment early next year focusing on The Characters, The Development (possibility, unknown for sure), and External Productions (movies, tv, etc.). Here is a small taste:

    Back in the early 1990s, arcades were the most happening place to be. Lines of screaming hyperactive kids - and the parents they dragged there - would gather around to see and experience the latest in computer graphics and entertainment. Back then arcades offered an experience that no personal computer or console game machine could even dream of. People considered classics such as Time Traveler, Smash TV, High Impact Football, Cyberball 2072, and many others to be some of the most innovative and enjoyable video games of their time. However, none of these games seemed to have the impact that one 1992 game did.

    That game was Mortal Kombat.

    Click here to continue on to the rest of the feature. Finally, I would like to again thank Frank "IceMaster" Chan for his extrodinary and timely help with the creation of this feature. This would have never been possible without his help.

    September 21st, 1999
    9:43 PM CST -
    We've updated our previously text-based Mortal Kombat Gold bugs page into a HTML-based one with pictures and detailed descriptions of the bugs. If you don't have Mortal Kombat Gold and are wondering what everyone is complaining about, check out the bugs page.
    September 29th, 1999
    11:20 AM CST -
    DreamcastHQ is reporting an e-mail sent from Midway Technical Support detailing plans of an exchange program for Ready 2 Rumble on October 1st. Also stated is that similar action can be taken with other Midway Dreamcast titles, like Mortal Kombat Gold, at around or before October 15th. We will try to get exact details from Midway about Mortal Kombat Gold shortly. Thanks go to Max G. for letting us know.

    12:16 PM CST -
    Well, we were going to save these for a rainy day, but since not that much has been going on in the world of MK, we decided to let you guys take a peek. The following are the MKG New Character Endings. You need RealPlayer G2 to view these streaming video clips. These clips should be incorporated into the MKG Flash Guide by the end of next week. Enjoy!

    Cyrax Mileena Kitana
    Kung Lao Baraka Sektor

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