June 7th, 1999
8:00 PM CST -
Videogames.com has scored some new screenshots and video footage from Mortal Kombat Gold. It appears from these batches of screenshots that the character's shadows have made it into the game. Also, it looks like the problems with flying body parts during fatalities have been fixed. The copy at E3 would explode the character into a corrupted model with a random skin. Now it looks everything is coming along very well and we should be seeing a very complete game by September.

8:36 PM CST -
Series co-creator, Ed Boon, has updated his website, Noob.com, with separate sections for MK4 Home and Mortal Kombat Gold. Also, it looks like the links section on Noob.com is making a return. If you feel like our site should be listed, please head over there and vote for us.

June 14th, 1999
2:02 PM CST -
Since the news stories from E3 are creeping into the News Archive. We compiled our coverage of 1999's Electronic Entertainment Expo into it's very own section. In addition to the news stories, the links to our exclusive screenshots and others are also available.

June 15th, 1999
9:52 PM CST -
DreamCast.IGN.COM has posted 6 QuickTime Movies of Mortal Kombat Gold. This version also seems to have the shadows intact as the most other videos and stills we have seen. The videos also feature sound as well, be sure to check them out, most the files are around 1.5 mb.
June 17th, 1999
11:15 PM CST -
Game Informer has scored quite a bit of new information about Midway's Mortal Kombat Gold. In their latest preview, Game Informer has seemed to have stumbled upon a new character in Mortal Kombat Gold while going through the practice menus. His name is Belokk and looks like no other character seen before. Belokk is new to the MK series and no references had been made about him up until now, so nothing is known about him at this time. Go check out the preview and the new screenshots of him! Here is a small snippet from their preview.

Among the twenty-five playable characters, Game Informer has learned that Sektor, Goro, and Noob Saibot are also in the game tucked away as hidden characters. MK Gold also introduces a frightening new face by the name of Belokk. As you can see from the screen shots, this creature looks very cool. Right now, Midway doesn't have any special moves or Fatalities programmed in for this kombatant.

June 22nd, 1999
1:25 PM CST -
According to Electronic Media Magazine, New Line Television's MK based television show, Mortal Kombat Conquest, will not be renewed for a second season of syndication by Warner Bros. Domestic Television. What this means is that Mortal Kombat Conquest will not appear on local WB and UPN stations next season. Fortunately for MKC fans, this does not mean the demise of the show entirely. A Warner Bros. spokesman stated that there is still a possibility that Mortal Kombat Conquest could still exist for a second season on TNT or another cable TV station like Sci-Fi or USA. Thanks HBK Wannabe for the information. For more information check out the 6/14 issue of Electronic Media Magazine.

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