November 8th, 1999
2:14 PM CST -
TRMK is proud to announce our participation in The #mortalkombat IRC Network. The network is a common chat arena set up by the top 4 Mortal Kombat fan sites for their readers to convene and discuss everything related to Mortal Kombat. In addition, the network will periodically feature special guests and events. To learn how to connect to the network, click on the link that appears at the top of the page, under the counter.

November 17th, 1999
8:54 PM CST -
This past weekend the MAME development team released version 0.36 beta 9 of their popular arcade emulator MAME. This update greatly improved the playability of all of Midway's great TMS34010 based arcade games from the early 90's like: Mortal Kombat, Smash TV and Terminator 2: The Arcade Game. They now play at about full speed on a Pentium 2 400MHz based computer with sound emulation enabled. The previous releases it was impossible to play the game with sound on the same computer.

For the mis-informed playing these games legally requires owning the arcade game's PCB, which u can pick up from
starting at around $20, and copying the game's ROMs to your PC using a EEPROM programmer. Those looking for illegal game roms, please do no not contact us, all requests will be ignored. And if you are looking to find a way to play arcade games at home, we may be doing a special feature on how to get your favorite arcade game up and running at home without having to buy a whole game cabinet.

Thanks to Vintage Gaming (formerly Dave's Classics) and Jason Sizemore for the good word.

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