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October 11th, 1999
1:41 PM CST -
The revised version of Mortal Kombat Gold is now in stores. You can identify it by a bright green sticker in the upper left hand corner of the manual that says "HOT! NEW!" The CD is now also in a red tint and not a yellow tint so you can tell the difference from CD to CD. Bring your copy of the game with receipt to the store in which it was purchased and you should be able to exchange it for a revised copy.

Some things have been fixed and a few changes have been made, though it is unclear if every issue has been addressed. One of the most noticeable changes is the added MK logo on the VMU screen (the first version didn't have anything on this screen). In addition, VMU saving seems to be working completely now -- it DOES save the Kombat Theater settings. Also, no vertex problems have been experienced as of yet.

The bug list will be updated within the week with what has been fixed. If you notice any changes not mentioned yet, please e-mail them to Patrick McCarron.

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11:16 PM CST -
The Mortal Kombat Gold Bug List has been updated to reflect the new version of MKG. So if you notice any bugs or changes not mentioned on the current list, please e-mail them to Patrick McCarron. Just in case you're not sure whether your store has the revised version, here is what the case and the new CD looks like.

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October 15th, 1999
1:43 PM CST -
Midway Tech Support just sent out the following e-mail for information on the Dreamcast game replacement system to all customers who filled out a complaint form on the Midway Website. The replacement plan is for Mortal Kombat Gold, Ready 2 Rumble, NFL Blitz 2000, and Hydro Thunder. The details on how to return your Midway Dreamcast Game either at the retailer or from Midway directly are as follows:

Midway is pleased to inform you that the sound skipping, sound drop out, no loading and lock-up problems with your Ready 2 Rumble, NFL Blitz 2000, Mortal Kombat Gold, and/or Hydro Thunder for Sega Dreamcast have been resolved. To exchange your current copy of the game for a an updated version, please follow the instructions below:

Return the game to the retailer where it was originally purchased. The new version has been shipped to the retailers and it should be on the shelves. When exchanging the game at the retailer, look for a Day-Glo Green Starburst sticker in the upper left hand corner of the jewel case or on the front of the manual that says "Hot!" "New!" This sticker is a visual notification that you are receiving the revised version of the game. In addition, when you open the case, the Dreamcast CD-ROM's label will be a shade of red in color instead of the original yellow, blue or purple color.

For returns directly to Midway Home Entertainment:

1. Take the CD out of the jewel case and return the CD only without the instruction manual to: Midway Dreamcast Customer Service, P.O Box 2097, Corsicana, TX 75151 or 800 N. Main Street, Corsicana, TX 75110.

2. Enclose complete name, shipping address (must be a street address), telephone number (office and home) and email address along with the CD.

The CD should be returned first class mail, with no packing material (just the disk).

Replacement disk(s) will be shipped out UPS and should be received within approximately 5 working days from the time we receive the defective disk(s). Delivery time to Canada takes a bit longer. There will be no signature required for delivery.

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October 22nd, 1999
3:04 PM CST -
Our friends across the big Atlantic pond, Eurocom, have informed us that Mortal Kombat Gold is scheduled to be widely available in Europe on October 29th. Some stores may receive the copies earlier depending on distributors' delivery days. Also, the initial copies of Mortal Kombat Gold to be distributed in Europe will be based on the revised production run. So, you shouldn't have to worry about getting a defective copy, unless other problems arise.

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October 23rd, 1999
8:08 AM CST -
The Adrenaline Vault has posted a review of Mortal Kombat Gold. This is one of the first MKG reviews that I have seen that has set aside any biased feelings and is very fair with their assessment. There are many reviews out there that just attack certain aspects of the game throughout the entire review and only give positive aspects in just a sentence or two. In this review, both positives and negatives get equal amounts of exposure. The reviewer emphasizes that you should not expect a totally new game and makes sure that you understand what you're buying. Here is a blurb from this excellent review.

Being more of a sidestep than a leap forward for the series, Mortal Kombat Gold allows us to witness the technical prowess of the Dreamcast at work and gives us the chance to become reacquainted with several of our old favorite characters, many of whom I for one never expected to see again. While many are quick to criticize the gameplay flaws and harp upon the fact that there's not much value to be had for the money you'd spend, it's only fair to counter by saying that this is by far a true gem for longtime fans of the series, being the proper sort of arcade conversion we'd always hoped for in the past. That's not to say it isn't without its fair share of problems, tarnishing its appeal to a certain group of players, but Mortal Kombat fanatics are liable to see things from a different perspective.

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