August 1st, 1998
12:00 PM CST -
The "compatability patch" for Mortal Kombat 4 for the PC has been released. This patch will fix the compatibility issues that many ATI Rage card owners are experiencing. The patch also contains a Software Only (fullscreen 640x480x16bit) mode which faster PCs can utilize. The problems with the frozen models for Quan Chi and Shinnok are fixed. Also, it improves support for Win98 and DirectX6. Thanks to everyone that e-mailed us, there are too many to list here.
August 6th, 1998
12:00 PM CST -
Hello my name is Chris Thompson and I am running the MK Dominion while
Jason is out. First let me clear up a big misunderstanding. Jason
Everett Thomas who you all know as Nosaj Samoht is not, I repeat NOT
dead. There was major confusion on August 5th as he was found near death
in his house after the "Pneumonia" he had got a week before became worse
in a matter of minutes and he almost drown in his own fluids again like
he almost did on July 31st. It was that he was givin the wrong
medication and had a bad side effect to it. The reason the "Rest In
Peace" image was on our company site at was that Jason's best friend Josh
Christ heard from the confusion about what Jason's status was that
someone told him that he had died. Josh needless to say was totally
crushed at this news and put up the image to Jason and then left the
offices and was missing for a couple of days. Well a little while ago he
came back to our offices saying he needed time alone and he almost had a
heart attack finding out that Jason was NOT dead and that he got wrong
information from someone. While we took him to Jason's hospital room to
visit him he remembered that he put that image on our company page which
never gets any visitors anyways so he didnt think there was a rush to
take it down but Jason who everybody knows holds a special place in his
heart for "The Limit" who died last year wanted it removed as fast as
possible because he knows how rumors fly fast. Well I logged on just 10
minutes ago and was shocked at the over 300 emails in our box and the
many posts in the MK Newsgroup and the updates on many MK Sites around
the internet. So in doing so I am writing this to the webmasters and the
many MK fans out there to say Nosaj Samoht is NOT dead but came very
close to dying last Wednesday night. We are sorry for any grief this may
have cause and Jason will be making a real audio clip for you later
explaining how he is doing when he returns from the hospital hopefully
with the right medication this time. I myself think Jason should sue
those doctors for giving him that bad crap in the first place that
almost killed him on the 5th. He wants to thank all the fans that have
written messages of "Get Well" to him while he has been out.

Thank you for your concern and time...
Chris Thompson...
August 10th, 1998
12:00 PM CST -
Wednesday, August 12th at 8:00PM (CST), Ed Boon, Dave Michicich and possibly other MK4 Developers will be on NewNet irc servers ( on channel #mk4. The MK4 Playstation Cheat Code will be revealed at this session. You can also pose questions and talk about Mortal Kombat in general
12:01 PM CST -
I guess we won't have to wait for Wednesday to get the Playstation code, since MK Nightmares has found this website that has posted the code. It's highly unlikely that this code was found by chance, however it's there. This information puts a damper on one of the big highlights of the IRC Chat.
Go to the 2 Player Vs. Screen.Enter the Kombat Kode: 302 213.
Then quit the Game and go to the options menu.Highlight Versus Screen Enabled and Hold BLK and Run for 10 seconds.
August 12th, 1998
12:00 PM CST -
In tonight's IRC chat, Tony Goskie stated that the next MK game out on any platform would either be the Dreamcast version of MK4, or another game called "Special Forces." Also Ed Boon hinted towards the "other game [the MK4 team] is working on," utilizing Midway's sucessor to the Zeus graphics chip, "the Zeus 2 which is 4 times as powerful.
12:01 PM CST -
In tonight's IRC chat, Dave Michicich announced that Eurocom Development will do a "special version" of MK4 for Sega's new console system, Dreamcast
12:02 PM CST -
Dave Michicich on IRC tonight has revealed the PC cheat code. Here it is.
Enter Kombat Kode 312203Quit the match and go into the Practice MenuThen PLAYER 1 should hold LK+BL over the Difficulty setting for 10 seconds.

    Once you have enabled the Kombat Kode, then you don't need to use it again to access the cheat menu
12:03 PM CST -
If you happened to miss tonight's chat, here is a log that has been edited to include only what the developers had to say.
12:04 PM CST -
Gamecenter has slapped up their Review of MK4 PC. Go check it out if you haven't decided to buy the game yet
12:05 PM CST -
Kingdom MK has an update that explains how the Cheat Fatalities function in the PSX version. Here it is blatantly ripped from their site.

The 1-button Fatalities in the PSX version of MK4 differ from the N64 version in that you can turn all 3, Fatality 1, Fatality 2, and
Level Fatality on at once! To turn all of the Fatalities on at once, first enter the cheat code, then go
into the cheat menu and turn Fatality 1, Fatality 2, and Level Fatality all ON. Then begin a match, and any time during the final round,
before it says "Finish Him/Her!", depending on which Fatality you'd like to see, do the following combination of button presses:

  1. Fatality 1: R1+SQUARE
  2. Fatality 2: R1+TRIANGLE
  3. Level Fatality: R1+UP

Then, after doing that, when the time comes and the announcer says "Finish Him/Her!", simply press D+HP and your character will do the Fatality
that you told him/her to do. Don't forget, you must make sure that all of the 3 options in the Cheat Menu have been turned ON, and also
make sure that you do the above button presses in the final round. This is alot more convenient than the N64 version, where you can only have one option on at a time. In the PSX version,
you can change them on the fly, and do a different Fatality every match if you'd like.
August 13th, 1998
12:00 PM CST -
d mkf, co-creator of the Super Trainer, sent along an exclusive download of the Super Trainer v2.4 for MK4 PC. This is the trainer you've been hearing about that will allow you to play as Kitana and others in MK4 PC! This version now works on the patched version of MK4 PC. You can download the patch from our MK4 Home PC Files Section
August 14th, 1998
12:00 PM CST -
Since Kitana is playable on the PC via the trainer, here are her moves.

Weapon: Bowie Knife (F - F - HK)
Fireball: F - D - LP (can do in air)
Square Wave Punch: F - B - HK
Torso Rip: F - B - D - D - HK (close)
Leg Splits: U - D - D - U - HK (close)
Prison Stage: D - D - B - B - HK
Goro's Lair: D - F - D - F - HK

12:01 PM CST -
We have updated our Mini Moves List for the Home Versions of Mortal Kombat 4 to include the routines to get to the cheat menus under PSX and PC
August 17th, 1998
12:00 PM CST -
Since we've gotten many e-mails asking how to use the Easy Fatalities cheat for the PC, here's an explanation on how to access them.
When you enable the Cheat Menu, enable only one Fatality option. (1, 2, Stage) During the Fatality Time, Hold Down and then hit High Punch anywhere on the screen
12:01 PM CST -
chutka, author of MK4 Hacker v0.1 e-mailed me that he has found how to access the Skull Stage in the PC version and has created this Trainer for the patched version of MK4 PC. This trainer allows you to play in a fairly incomplete version of the "Skull Stage" that didn't make it into the final version, however the stage is quite playable
August 22nd, 1998
12:00 PM CST -
chutka, author of the MK4 Hacker, has released a new version of his Trainer Program. Along with a new trainer, chutka has also created a new program that alters your exe file, so that eliminates having to mess with an external program to access these hidden features. Here are some of the new features that are in the newest version.
  • Select Kitana/Goro/Noob Saibot in Practice mode
  • Select Skull Stage in Practice mode (In Arcade mode too, the Skull Stage will follow the Ice Pit, but the “Skull Stage” select option still doesn’t work in the trainer for Arcade mode.)
  • Quick Cheat Menu access. (It is the same thing that is in the trainer too. The Cheat Menu will pop up immediately.)
    Remember that these programs are neither supported by TRMK nor Midway Home Entertainment. If you require help or have questions about these programs, please e-mail the authors of these programs.
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