November 1st, 1998
12:00 PM CST -
Dave's Video Game Classics, has updated with information of the TMS34010 Arcade Emulation for MAME. The developers released the TMS34010 series MAME drivers to other MAMEDEV members. Dave also posted some pictures of Mortal Kombat running on these new drivers here. Read the whole news story below:

Welp, today is the day for MAMEDEV members. We have been given the TMS34010 drivers! The games that are playable include:
  • Smash Tv
  • Total Carnage
  • Mortal Kombat
  • Narc
  • Strike Force
  • Trog (prototype and release versions)
  • Hi Impact Football
  • Super Hi Impact

    The games not yet playable include: T2-Arcade, Mortal Kombat 2, and NBA Jam. The games that are playable do feature sound, accurate colors, etc. However, my p233 just simply isn't fast enough to really use these games. Unless some last minute optimizations are made, you will need probably AT MINIMUM for a p2/350 or so for decent playability, but this is just my estimation. As far as if it will make the next beta, there are NO guarantees, but my opinion is yes, it will. Over the weekend, and next week I will have some screen shots of the aforementioned games.

    November 2nd, 1998
    12:00 PM CST -
    TMS34010 Emulation Speed Up
    Dave's Video Game Classics, has updated with information of the speed up of the TMS34010 Arcade Emulation Drivers for MAME. Read the words right from the horse's mouth below::

    The 34010 games (Mortal Kombat, Smash TV, etc), have been sped up a bit, and are now about 10-15% faster than before. I can almost play Smash TV at full speed with 1 frameskip and no sound on my p233, but Mortal Kombat is still basically unplayable due to my CPU.

    November 8th, 1998
    12:00 PM CST -
    In anticipation of the next release of MAME, Dave's Classics has posted the ROMs for Mortal Kombat the arcade game for download. It seems like it is safe to assume that the next release of MAME will include the TMS (Williams) CPU emulation code. You may also download these files from our server at our MAME Download Center (These files have been pulled)
    November 10th, 1998
    12:00 PM CST -
    Beta 7 of the DOS port of MAME has been released. In this release, several Williams/Midway games are now playable. Unfortunately the emulation is very slow, but I'm sure that the MAME team can speed it up soon. You can download the latest release at our MAME Download Center
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