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October 1st, 1997
12:00 PM CST -
Swamp, SteveHTG, and Mazza each saw these new fatalities in the Chicago Betas of MK4 2.0 and reported them to us.
These fatalties have not been seen by are not confirmed by TRMK staff members yet but are reliable.

  • Fujin levitates his opponent and then begins to spin them in a tornado. Then
    the camera quickly zooms in and zooms out and shows Fujin holding his
    crossbow. Fujin takes aim and shoots his victim in the stomach area causing his
    victim to explode. The game quickly replays the explosion in 3 different camera
    views at the strike of the shot from the crossbow.

  • Kai picks you up over his head with both hands and holds you above his head
    and rips you in half with blood gushing to the floor your upper torso
    moves a little bit before finally laying lifeless.

  • Reptile and Noob Saibot both grab your waist with both hands and turns your upper body around with this hands and rips it off.

  • Sonya blows you a kiss and it cuts you up into three pieces.

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    12:01 PM CST -
    3DKiller and TRMK Staff have confirmed the Sub-Zero Head Rip Fatality movements that were posted on the Usenet. He also says that if you Impersonate Sub-Zero as Shinnok and try to do the Fatality he will do Quan Chi's Fatality and not Sub's Fatality. Also thanks to MR_ for re-confirming this for us today and Tragic for simplifing it down.

    Sub Zero's Head Rip Fatality: Hold (BL+RN) F - B - F - D - HP (close)

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    12:02 PM CST -
    A member of the TRMK Staff has confirmed that Quan Chi does indeed rip his opponents leg off for his fatality. For now, you can only perform this finishing move when you are using Shinnok and Impersonating Sub-Zero. For some reason you'll perform Quan Chi's Leg Rip Fatality if you use Shinnok, Impersonate Sub-Zero, and do the fatality. It's especially cool if you perform the fatality while invisible: it would appear that the players own leg has turned against them! Try it for a laugh..

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    October 2nd, 1997
    12:00 PM CST -
    The controls of MKM:S-Z require you to learn them. The setup is extremely difficult to utilize during the game. The use of the directional pad for jumping leaves you angry every single time when you try to jump from platform to platform. The fighting sequences are also difficult due to the fact that you are not automatically faced towards your opponent. You must hit the "turn" button to get Sub to face the right way. The turn is extremely slow and by the time you're ready to hit your opponent you have already been sweeped twice. The graphics amd story line are excellent and are expected from any game with the Mortal Kombat name. The soundtrack can get monotonous, but is still perfectly integrated into the game. For other reviews check out VideoGameSpot's and Next-Generation's reviews. Check back here later tonight when we unvail our Mortal Kombat Mythologies: Sub-Zero Walkthrough and a Full Review

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    12:01 PM CST -
    Mortal Kombat Mythologies: Sub-Zero is now available for the Sony Playstation. The average price is $49.99, and is at most every major electronics or toy store. Please check back soon for our MKM:S-Z walkthrough of Levels 1 and 2

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    October 3rd, 1997
    12:00 PM CST -
    Special thanks to SteveHTG for sending these along.

    She blows you a kiss and it cuts you up into three pieces.
    Grabs your waist with both hands, turns your upper body around, and rips your torso off.
    Picks you up over his head with both hands, holds you above his head, and rips you in half with blood gushing to the floor; your upper torso moves a little bit before finally laying lifeless.
    A green cloud forms as it fades Liu into the infamous dragon... He bites you down to your waist, shakes you around, then slams you to the ground leaving your carcass lying in a pool of your own blood.
    Grabs you and kisses you causing your arms, legs, and neck to break; You then explode with parts flying into the screen.
    Pulls out your heart... He kind of puts his hand in and searches for it a little before he pulls it out.
    Does his tornado move then shoots you with his crossbow.

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    12:01 PM CST -
    The head rip fatality for Sub-Zero for use on Stage 1 after you defeat Scorpion has been found.
    F - D - F - HP (1 step away)
      This fatality can be done from either side. Thanks to both Nosaj Samoht and TrasH for the word.

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    12:02 PM CST -
    The walkthrough has taken more time and resources than expected, therefore only the MKM:S-Z Walkthrough of Stage 1 and Stage 2 have been completed. The walkthrough is complete with pictures and specific details about how to complete each particular stage. It is taking about 1 stage per day to finish, so hopefully we'll be able to do stages 3, 4, and possibly 5 on the weekend. Thanks for all your comments about the walkthrough. They are greatly appreciated

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    October 6th, 1997
    12:00 PM CST -
    Congrats go out to SteveHTG for finding Shinnok's Jax Impersonation move for version 2.0. The movement is done as followed:
    F - D - F - HK
      The Printable Version 2 Beta Moves List has been updated with the move (now fixed). Thanks go to
      SteveHTG for telling us last week as well as Ermac and MKX for reminding us that we forgot to post about it.

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    12:01 PM CST -
    First off thanks goes out to COP-DN for getting the scoop on this. New Line Cinema is showing the new trailer for MK:A with the upcoming Keenen Ivory Wayans movie, Most Wanted. You can also download the trailer from here (5.5mb)

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    October 7th, 1997
    12:00 PM CST -
    Tonight's episode of Entertainment Tonight said that tomorrow's Entertainment Tonight would go behind the scenes of the new Mortal Kombat Movie Sequel: Mortal Kombat Annihilation. They also showed a modified ending of the Trailer we told you about last night, without the Shao Kahn name announcement voice overs. More info, and hopefully some pictures, tomorrow night. Thanks to Darkwind on the IRC for informing me they showed MKA when he saw ET

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    October 8th, 1997
    12:00 PM CST -
    There was a short, disturbing, commercial for MKM:S-Z on MTV today. It started off with Kerri Hoskins and Quan Chi. It was in black and white and showed Hoskins just like dancing around while Quan looked on. It cut in and out to Quan and Hoskins' character and then it stopped on a close up of Quan. It then proceeded to show scenes from the game. Then it cut to a Playstation logo and then a Nintendo64 with Coming Soon under it. I probably got this totally wrong, who knows. :-

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    12:01 PM CST -
    After a short hiatus, TRMK presents: Stages 3 and 4 of the MK Mythologies: Sub-Zero Walkthrough. We have decided not to include the passwords for the rest of the levels until we finish all 8 levels of the walkthrough, due to the fact that we have received many complaints, including one from Midway, about posting passwords. Bearing any delays, we plan to have Stages 5 and 6 done by Sunday

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    12:02 PM CST -
    Our Chicago Correspondent Patrick McCarron saw Tanya's Fatality in MK4 v1.44 (he was told this is the current version # for the Chicago Test Machines) here is the description: Tanya reaches over and kisses her victim, the victim stands back, arms and legs spread out more than normal, as he/she screams in pain. Then the arms and then legs bend backwards (they end up floating in the air) and then the rest of the body starts to twist around like a pretzel and then the body explodes in one camera view (not 3 different views like other fatals), really good effects and looks brutal

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    12:03 PM CST -
    Patrick McCarron and kn0wledge got all the MK4 storylines (except Tanya, Jarek, Johnny Cage, Jax, and Noob Saibot who all don't have intro bio screens yet) as of v1.44 (which is the Betas for v2.0) you can read them here

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    12:04 PM CST -
    Supposedly tonight's episode of ET could not fit in the MK:A segment. So they have moved the segment to Thursday. So don't watch tonight, watch tomorrow night

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    October 9th, 1997
    12:00 PM CST -
    If you have a crazy fetish for 20+ page text FAQs, then we have your fix. TRMK presents the Weekly Updated Text FAQ. Maintained by The IceMaster, the Weekly FAQ will be available through HTML, FTP (soon), and the USENET Newsgroup alt.games.mk each week. Soon it will also be available directly through a majordomo e-mailing list. Watch for more details to come

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    October 10th, 1997
    12:00 PM CST -

    MKT for the PC is a long awaited MK game for the PC, perhaps too long. Almost 1 year to the date, Mortal Kombat Trilogy will be making it to your PC on Windows 95 and DOS. All of the features and characters are identical to the Playstation version; however, the loading times are gone. The music is probably is best feature of the game. The redbook audio totally makes a huge diffrence. The only problem with the music is that whenever you defeat your opponent it doesn't play an ending. It just stops the music and the announcer comes on. MKT can be run in a fullscreen mode which one would think would be pretty fast. But on my p200MMX with 32megs of ram, the game fell to a crawl whenever there was disk activity going on in the background. The optimal resolution mode for MKT is a small window. (indicated below) You can also play it in 2x windowed mode. IPX networking is built in so you can play games over a LAN. (or kali95 for that matter) The recommended gamepad, and a TRMK favorite, is the
    Gravis Gamepad Pro. This gamepad will truly make the game feel more like the Playstation counterpart. It's been a while since I have played MKT so I'm sure you all will definately need the Playstation MKT Moves List as did I. Also, the cheats are identical to the Playstation.
    This is the actual size MKT plays optimally under Windows 95.
      The follwing are the official System Requirements for the DOS and Windows 95 versions.
    Windows 95DOS
  • Pentium 90Mhz or better
  • Windows '95
  • 16 MB RAM
  • 2x CD-ROM drive (CD must be present to hear music)
  • 85 MB free of HD space
  • PCI Based graphics card w/1mb of VRAM
  • Pentium 90Mhz or better
  • 8 MB RAM
  • 2x CD-ROM drive (CD must be present to hear music)
  • 85 MB free of HD space
  • VGA Graphics
  • DOS 6.0 or higher
  • Recommended Peripherials
  • SoundBlaster™ or 100% compatible sound card
  • 16 MB RAM or more
  • 2 MB of RAM on Video Card
  • 133 Mhz Pentium or higher
  • Gravis™ PC GamePad Pro
  • Sidewinder Joypad (for Windows® 95)

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    12:01 PM CST -
    A source on the MK4 Developmental Team has informed TRMK that Mortal Kombat 4 revision 2.0 is going to be completed sometime during this weekend. As normally, it will go through final public testing in Chicago about a week before it hits nationally

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    October 11th, 1997
    12:00 PM CST -
    MetalHed5 saw the computer do Jax's MK4 fatality. Here is what he said: "He holds both your arms, puts his foot againts the opponents chest for leverage, then rips their arms off, then he tosses the arms on the ground

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    12:00 PM CST -
    Thanks to KINKY0804 for finding Sonya's Prison Stage Fatal and thanks to MetalHed5 for telling us it.
    The movement for Sonya's Prison Stage Fatal is done as followed:
    D - D - B - B - HK (close)

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    October 12th, 1997
    12:00 PM CST -
    Many, many, many, people have e-mailed me about where they can get MKT PC and what store I got mine from. I have recieved a copy of Mortal Kombat Trilogy for PC CD-ROM for my review directly from GT Interactive Software. MKT PC-CD will not be available in stores until October 24th. So calm down everyone, hone in on your 2D MK skills and stop harrassing your local software stores. MKT will be here soon

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    October 13th, 1997
    12:00 PM CST -
    kn0wledge has just returned from Diversions with new information on the latest version of MK4, 1.74. Check back tomorrow as other arcades get 1.74 for more details. This version is supposedly is going to be the FINAL National Version. The other updates will just have bug fixes. Here are all the details.

    - The select screen layout is the same as revision 1.44 except the three middle ones are now in the order of Jax, Reiko, and Cage; Noob is removed
    - Reiko is described as wearing "normal clothing", he has Noob Saibot's
    teleport, a windmill kick QCF - HK (?), and a multi Shuriken throw, QCF - LP
    - Raiden has electricity flowing effects around him, it happens more often than it did in MK1
    - Sub-Zero's Fatality is enabled again, he now has a red line down his eye signifying that he is the Sub-Zero previously unmasked, and he can't freeze you with his freeze wand after a bone breaker (bug fix)
    - Scorpion has a new move, QCF - LP, he pulls down his mask, revealing his skull, and breathes fire that's about the length of "1.5 sweep distances" straight forward
    - Tanya has a boomerang for her weapon now, it comes back after a few seconds whether it hits or is blocked
    - Jax and Cage both have fireballs now, and it seems Cage's are the same as the ones in MKII, complete with trailing effects
    - Jax has his quad throw back. (Throw then repeataly hit HP)
    - Cage turns blue when he's frozen now
    - Quan Chi's alternate color is red and has a new slide move
    - Shinnok now has a Reiko Impersonation
    - Jarek has a new fireball instead of Tanya's pink one, it has a red blur toward its sides; his ground slam causes dust to come up and is weaker
    - The game is using a new font now, and it's used for everything but the energy bars just as the old one was
    - Combos with 40% damage are cut off at its last hit (but the last hit makes contact so it can go up to around 45%) and "MAXIMUM DAMAGE" appears and is zoomed up on in the middle of the screen
    - The computer draws, uses, throws, and picks up weapons quite effectively now
    - New Kombat Kodes:

    222 222 Randper Kombat
    333 333 Different Weapon
    444 444 same as 111 111
    555 555 Many Weapons

    - During randper kombat, he morphed into an unmasked Sub-Zero -- he has the same moves and the same design, just without wearing his mask
    - Endings have been added!

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    October 14th, 1997
    12:00 PM CST -
    TONS of thanks go out to Swamp who got us alot of new info from 1.74 from Dennis' Place For Games.

    - Reiko has a "Cage kick" (from Virtua Fighter), it is D, F, HK Reiko's whirlwind kick is b,f,lk. The whirlwind doesnt hurt the opponent but makes you go on the opposite side of them making for a confusing combo, and you can uppercut after the Cage kick.

    - Jax's Misslie is D, B,LP

    - New fonts in the game for everything but character names

    - When you fight Sub Zero vs. Sub Zero one of you gets the MK3 Unmasked Sub Zero

    - Jarek's fireball is now a red blade like the "metallica sign"

    - Shinnok's impersonation of Reiko is B, B, B, BL

    - New voices saying character names

    - New picture of Quan Chi on the select screen

    - Cage's shadow punch now leaves a shadow behind

    - The Ending - After you get the final punch on Shinnok the screen flashes white and you are thrown back, ala MK1. Shinnok's head begins to blow out in some sort of fashion and then he loses all his skin on his head, it then turns into like a green ball, and Shinnok falls into a blue swirling pit.

    - Rieko's ending wasn't finished, it was was him in an arena, a portal opens, and he walks thru it

    - Jax's ending was like a "B movie" according to Swamp. Here is the description: It's really quite humorous, Sonya apeears on a cliff with Jarek and they are talking about how Jarek is the last of Kano little group, then Jarek backs sonya into the corner of the cliff, and charges at Sonya and she does what any sane person would do, step to the side. Jarek falls to doom and sonya gets on the radio and calls Jax over. Jax says "YA" or something then you see Jarek climb
    up the cliff and pull Sonya over, Sonya is now dead. Jarek gets up
    and steps on the walkie talkie. Jarek then looks up and who is there but big Jax! Jax has Jarek by the neck and holds him over the cliff, they talk about some Rodney King stuff and Jarek says "Arrest me arrest me!!! This is brutality!!!!" And then Jax says the punch line, "No Jarek this is not brutality, It a FATALITY!!!" Then drops Jarek and all is well, well except Sonya is dead.

    - Also in the credits Swamp spotted the "has" spelled as "ha5", this signify MK5?

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    12:01 PM CST -
    Our Chicago Correspondent Patrick McCarron has returned from playing some MK4 1.74 at Just For Fun in Arlington Heights. Also the Revision 2 Moves List has been updated. Here is some more new info, and recaps on some previous info:

    - Reiko (pronounced Rayco) is basically an edited Noob Saibot. He has a purple Ninja sash ala Rain and black pants, but no shirt under the ninja sash on his torso. He has grey/brown hair and some black paint on his face like the Robin mask in the latest movie. He also has a Icon on his back that looks like what the girls in MKM had on them.

    - Reiko's Circular Teleport (not a Windmill Kick as we were told by other people) is B, F, LK. He quickly rotates in a circle to behind his opponent. He also has his Flip Kick (called Cage kick by Swamp) which is D, F, HK he flips feet first up into the air knocking opponent into the air.

    - Reiko's Shuriken Throw (D, B, LP) is where he throws a bunch of Shurikens in a circlular pattern that when they are blocked they scatter all over the screen.

    - Scorpion's Firebreath (D, F, LP) is very impressive, he takes his mask off revealing his skull and spits a spray of fire downward. It will usually hit an opponent right infront of you and torch them, and can be added into combos effectivly.

    - Cage's Low Fireball is D, B, LP and his High Fireball is D, F, HP, Cage's Shadow Uppercut now has a shadow behind it also.

    - Quan Chi's Slide is now F, F, HK no longer what it was before.

    - Raiden has not only electricity during the fight, but also when he does the Superman Slam and hits you, there is alot of electicity around the contact area between the two characters.

    - Choose Your Destiny Towers are larger on the screen, but last 3 are still the same height, except at the bottom of all 3 towers is an empty spot.

    - Trees in the Living Forest now Scream and Moan.

    - Quan's 2nd color is now Dark Red Pants and Neon Green spots on his Vest.

    - New FATALITY Graphic, looks like bloody bones.

    - New Red Background with mountains in the attract mode, behind Hi Scores, Rotating Dragon, and ending "SHINNOK'S MEANACE IS OVER" screen.

    - Sub's second outfit is Sub with no Mask (red stripe is there) and pants like his MK3 pants with the Blue Stripe on the Thigh.

    - Powered By: Zeus and MKM Ad added to the Attract Mode

    - New REVISION 2 picture on the title screen, after a semi-new MIDWAY end animation where the Midway logo STOPS turning and then the logo comes in from the side.

    - New Shinnok (w/ Ammulet on a staff) and Quan Chi Image after the Raiden Storyline (which is now Subtitled and semi letterboxed)

    - Computer AI uses weapons, picks them up, draws them, and throws them all the time now. They also love to use the 3D Dodge when you throw a projectile.

    - You can pick alternate colors on the select screen by rotating the icons by holding start and hitting a combination of three buttons, it is different for each icon it seems, we'll try to get them all next time. Reptiles was Hold Start and hit LP+BL+LK we know that. It flips to show a Ying Yang, and then flips back, this makes you get the alternate color/outfit for your character.

    - Tanya's Boomerang is thrown with LP and thrown upwards with B+LP, if it misses it does come back, but takes along time alot of the time. If you are blocking when it returns it falls to the ground next to you.

    - All the name announcements were redone, but the same voice.
    - The in game font is now a much easier to read font, and is all caps. I like the look of it, but it looks to simple now, but is ALOT easier to read.

    - Liu Kang's Dragon Fatal Description, as reported before Liu Kang is covered in a large green mist and w
    hen the mist subsides all you see is a huge dragon who then picks up it's victim and proceeds to swing them around in the air violently with blood spraying every which way, and then it slams it's victim into the ground and then blood from the swinging starts to fall onto the ground near the body randomly. Really impressive.

    - Shinnok's death is very interesting. When you first hit him you fall backwards and Shinnok's face starts to form into points like his head was filled with needles underneath. His outer face then explodes and you see his real face underneath as he falls into a portal and then into a firey pit of death. It then shows the new Red Moutain background with the words "Shinnok's Meance Is Over! You Are The Supreme Mortal Kombat Warrior" and then shows the characters ending and then end credits alot like MK3's with the design team's faces showing up one at a time.

    - Endings are all polygonal realtime animations, but their mouths don't move, but the voices are clear and distinct from each other.

    - Sub-Zero's Ending: Sub-Zero is standing and Scorpion is on the ground. Scorpion is saying how Sub-Zero (who sounds alot like Arnold Schwarzenegger) may have defeated his physical being but his spirt lives on and Sub has not really won. Then Quan Chi comes up and knocks Sub-Zero on the back of the head forcing Sub to fall to the ground where he reamains. Quan walks over to Sub and starts telling him how Shinnok hired Scorpion to help him, and now they both must die. Then Scorpion gets up and levitates Quan ala Fujin as Quan yells "Scorpion!" and then while Scorp is levitating Quan a ball of energy comes from Scorp's hands and Quan Chi explodes into pieces all over the screen. Sub gets up and Scorpion tells Sub that he is now free of Scorpion's curse and should go.

    - Johnny Cage's Ending: You see a picture of a stage with a podium, and then they announce Johnny Cage as the winner of an award and Cage walks up thanks a few people and then ends it with "When am I going to get some real competition?" the crowd then goes silent and Cage asks "Why the silence?" and then they start to boo him and you see different objects like Wine bottles and other objects start to fly up and hit him as he dodges and blocks them, he also says "Hey I saw that Arnold!" Maybe Sub's Voice is Arnold?

    - Jax's Ending: Sonya appears on a cliff with Jarek and Sonya is asking Jarek that it's time to return with them, that he was just to help them defeat Shinnok, and how the Black Dragon disappeared with the death of Kano. Jarek starts walking towards Sonya and backs Sonya into the corner of the cliff,(where Camera then does a DUH DUH! zoom out and in effect) and then he gets angry and he charges at Sonya and she does what any sane person would do, step to the side. Jarek falls to doom and sonya gets on the radio and calls Major Briggs with no responce at first. Jax then says "Ya Sonya?" then you see Jarek climb up the cliff and pull Sonya over, Sonya is now dead. Jarek gets up and steps on the walkie talkie (no remains of the walkie talkie). Jarek starts to walk away then looks up and sees Jax. Jax asks Jarek where he is going, and then Jax picks up Jarek by the neck and walks over to the edge of the cliff and holds him over the cliff. Jarek says how it's Jax's duty to bring him in and arrest him and says "Arrest me arrest me!!! This is brutality!!!!" And then Jax says the punch line, "No Jarek this is not brutality, It a FATALITY!!!" Then drops Jarek and you get to see him fall into nothingness.

    - Scorpion's Ending: This ending is much like Sub's ending at first, Scorpion is saying how he finally gets revenge for the death of his clan, and then Sub says well you are getting revenge on the wrong person. Scorpion asks who the real killer is as Quan Chi walks up and says that he was. Quan Chi then tells Scorpion that it's time to return to the Netherealm as you start to see Scorpion fade as a bright light is seem behind him, but before he totally disappears he runs over to Quan Chi and takes Quan Ch
    i with him to the Netherealm. They end up both in Scorpion's Hell stage from UMK3 but now in 3D and Quan Chi starts to yell in terror as the camera zooms into Quan as he keeps yelling.

    - Also the Silent Kombat Kombat Kode is 999-999, no music as in MK3.

    - Alot of new announcements of "EXCELLENT" and "WELL DONE" in this version, and some characters pain/attack voices have been improved, and Reptile doesn't swear with his breaker anymore.

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    October 15th, 1997
    12:00 PM CST -
    Thanks to Spudz for finding the first batch of Character Icon Flip Buttons. Look at Sub-Zeros and see what buttons it maches up to. What you do is goto your character you wish to flip and hold Start and hit the 3 buttons and then while it shows the yin yang pick your character to get their alternate color.

    Scorpion: Hold Start, HP+HK+BL

    Johnny Cage: Hold Start, RN+LP+LK

    Sub-Zero: Hold Start, RN+BL+HP

    Reptile: Hold Start, LP+BL+LK

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    12:01 PM CST -
    Yet again our Chicago Correspondent Patrick McCarron has returned with another HUGE batch of new info and endings in MK4 Revision 2. The Revision 2 Moves List has also been updated.

    - This is code version 2.0 NOT 1.74 (as previously reported) sorry for the misinformation before, this means that most likely the game has allready been shipped nationwide. There is a rumor that Dennis Marsh's (of ActiveMK4) arcade in New Jersey had the "new version" in today, and he went to check it out more info from him tomorrow.

    - All storylines are in, we'll work on getting the full text of them soon. Reiko's starts with "Once a general in Shinnok's armies." and Tanya's says she is the daughter of Edenia's embassador to new realms.

    - Jarek's alternate uniform is a Red vest and Brown pants.

    - Fujin has a new lift effect, not debris but now a tornado like effect.

    - Reptile's Crawl is now B, F, LK

    - Reiko's Shuriken throw is D, F, LP not D, B that was just a bad typo on my part.

    - Kai seems to no longer have the leg throw with LK when on his hands anymore, it just kicks them now.

    - Maximum Damage, which was mentioned earlier, basically when your combo is between 40% and 50% it knocks you backwards to the ground along with your opponent and a big MAXIMUM DAMAGE logo pops up onto the screen. I don't like this idea because I think they should have reduced some damage of some moves alot more and removed some ways you can combo so we don't have to worry about a damage limit on combos, so we can have some fun finding some really skillfull combos in the game without being stopped by the computer. If you dislike this idea I suggest you let the design team know of this, so they know the general population of MK4 players don't like the idea.

    - Raiden's Fatality Changes - Now the camera is at slightly different angles and also shows the head bounce a few times and then shows Raiden breathing heavily after the fatal with blood and body parts all around him.

    - Also Scorpion's Fatal was spotted by an arcade goer, as to previous reports he does remove his mask and spit fire onto his opponent, who then quickly runs around in circles and then just stops and falls into a curled ball and remains on fire, but charred.

    - Raiden's Ending - Raiden is shown flying upwards in a blue sky with white clouds everywhere, then he stops and a God's face is seen in a cloud and begins to talk to Raiden. The God tells Raiden he has done well in defeating Shinnok for the second time, and now he must choose a sucessor to the title of Earth Realm protector. Raiden then choses Fujin.

    - Sonya's Ending - Sonya is seen ontop of a cliff with Jarek. Sonya tells Jarek he must come back with her to Earth, Jarek starts to talk and walks towards Sonya, backing her to the edge of the cliff, Jarek says he doesn't want to go and doesn't want her turning him into the special forces and that the Black Dragon lives on. The camera zooms out with a DUH DUH to show Sonya right on the edge of the cliff from a farther view, and then it zooms back in. Sonya tells Jarek that the Black Dragon died along with Kano, Jarek screams NO! and charges at Sonya, who quickly sidesteps. She then pulls out her radio and contacts Jax who then says "Glad To Hear You're Still Alive" and she walks off.

    - Jarek's Ending - Sonya is seen ontop of a cliff with Jarek. Sonya tells Jarek he must come back with her to Earth, Jarek starts to talk and walks towards Sonya, backing her to the edge of the cliff, Jarek says he doesn't want to go and doesn't want her turning him into the special forces and that the Black Dragon lives on. The camera zooms out
    with a DUH DUH to show Sonya right on the edge of the cliff from a farther view, and then it zooms back in. Sonya tells Jarek that the Black Dragon died along with Kano, Jarek screams NO! and charges at Sonya, who quickly sidesteps. She then pulls out her radio and contacts Jax as Jarek is seen from the side of the cliff, who then grabs Sonya's ankle and throws her over. Then you can hear Jax talking over the radio saying "Sonya? Sonya Ya There?" Jarek gets on his feet and it shows a view of Jarek's feet smashing the radio and then you can hear him laughing.

    - Kai's Ending - Kai is seen on the edge of a cliff, Raiden appears and tells Kai he is now able to become a Shaolin Warrior, but Kai declines the offer because he wants to travel the Earth in a search for his soul. Raiden in turns tells Kai to take his staff, which Raiden says is the staff of thunder and lightning and holds the key to immortality. Kai gratefully accepts the gift.

    - Tanya's Ending - Leads Liu down a hall saying Raiden is waiting, and to forget the others. At the end is the "furnace" stage and Tanya says she doesn't see what Kitana saw in him, then says that it is a trap. You then see Quan Chi and Shinnok, who is floating, they talk of ruling all the realms and that Liu will die. Liu then yells NO! and does a flying kick at Shinnok and quickly explodes from touching Shinnok.

    - Liu Kang's Ending - Liu is seen bowing inside the Shaolin Temple stage. He then starts a pray for not being able to save Edenia and Kitana. Then a portal opens in front of him and Kitana (Tanya wearing a black Kitana outfit, different than Tanya's) walks through. Liu is wondering how she survived and she tells him when he destroyed Shinnok he saved both Realms, Edenia and Earth. Then she asks him since she is heir to the throne of Edenia if he would like to rule by her side. He declines her offer and she leaves, and after she leaves he says "Goodbye Princess Kitana"

    - Quan Chi's Ending - Shinnok is floating and thanking Quan Chi for his services and then says "For your services I grant you existance." Quan is very upset at this because he expected he'd get the position of arch-sorcerer. Quan gets angry with his "gift" because without him Shinnok would still be in the Netherealm. Shinnok tells Quan that he shouldn't question him, and that him being spared should be enough. Quan keeps yelling and then Shinnok fires a energy ball at Quan which just disappears like Quan Chi has a shield, Shinnok is puzzled to why he wasn't killed. Quan Chi then reveals that HE has the amulet and what Shinnok has is an exact duplicate that he made and gave to him long time ago. Quan then kills Shinnok with an energy ball and rules all the realms.

    - Reptile's Ending - Reptile is talking (sounds like a Lizzard talking should) to Quan Chi saying now that he served Shinnok well, he wants to have Shinnok send him back in time to his world before Shao Kahn destoyed it. Quan thinks this is not a request he should make of his all powerful Master, Reptile keeps on saying he deserves this because he served him well and did what he was told too. Shinnok then appears inbetween Quan and Reptile and starts to yell at Reptile about how he can't ask for such things. Shinnok then picks up Reptile into the air from his neck and Reptile starts to sound as if he is whinning and asking just for what he was promised. Shinnok says he is not a god of his words and then kills Reptile.

    - Reiko's Ending - Reiko appears in an empty arena and a portal opens and he walks through it. Thats all really.

    - Found the rest of the Alternate Color Codes thanks to Hi Tech Gaming because I didn't have any two player games, which means we think they only work in two player games. I got it to work once in a one player game but it was after the two player game and the opponent didn't continue and I got to reselect it let me flip the icon but the alternate outfit only lasted for one round. So if we are guessing right these buttons COULD be the three b
    uttons that are used for the character's fatality.

    Kai: Hold Start, HP+BL+LK

    Raiden: Hold Start, LP+BL+HK

    Shinnok: Hold Start, HP+BL+LP

    Liu Kang: Hold Start, HK+BL+LK

    Reptile: Hold Start, LP+BL+LK

    Scorpion: Hold Start, HP+HK+BL

    Jax: Hold Start, RN+LP+BL

    Reiko: Hold Start, RN+HP+LK

    Johnny Cage: Hold Start, RN+LP+LK

    Jarek: Hold Start, HK+HP+RN

    Tanya: Hold Start, HK+LK+HP

    Fujin: Hold Start, LP+HP+HK

    Sub-Zero: Hold Start, RN+BL+HP

    Quan Chi: Hold Start, HP+RN+HK

    Sonya: Hold Start, LK+HP+RN

    Warning: Undefined variable $news_title in /home/trmkvps/new.trmk.org/oldnews/oldnews.php on line 150
    October 16th, 1997
    12:00 PM CST -
    Word is that no arcades have the Roms yet, but that Midway sent the Roms to the distributors, who then inturn will make copies of them and send them to your local arcade and or install them into the machines themselves because most arcade operators don't know how to do this. Depending on the distributor and volume they have to copy and install this could take at the most 2 weeks, but this is just an estimate some places could get them as soon as this weekend

    Warning: Undefined variable $news_title in /home/trmkvps/new.trmk.org/oldnews/oldnews.php on line 150
    October 17th, 1997
    12:00 PM CST -
    Ed Boon has once again updated the MK4 section of his web site with new pics and info. There's a new picture of the character select screen showing the 3 new fighters (Jax, Reiko(?), Johnny Cage - in that order) occupying the boxes previously held by question marks. It goes on to tell about the various features now present in the game which we have already covered EXTENSIVELY on this site. Probably the coolest thing on the page is the 3 screenshots of fatalities that are in the game. There is one of Sub-Zero, one of Reptile (NEW!), and one of Liu Kang. Even cooler is the teaser WAV file that you can download at the base of the page. It starts with Raiden's intro story, Shinnok's ending discussion with Raiden, an ending I haven't seen yet, Liu Kang's ending where he says he once again defended his title of champion of Mortal Kombat, what I believe is Quan Chi talking about his nemesis Sub-Zero (it's not Scorp's ending), the blue face talking to Fujin in Fujin's ending, Sub-Zero (or Arnold?) saying "Your quest for vengance is over Scorpion" in the beginning of his ending, Liu Kang saying "Kitana?" from his ending, Sonya saying who she is, and then Jarek arguing with her about him not being turned into the special forces, Cage saying "Wow! I don't know what to say!...", Someone saying "You Suck!", and then Kai turning down offer to become a Shaolin Warrior, Scorpion telling Sub-Zero to "Live well Lin Kuei Warrior" in Sub's ending, and then a slight musical ending. Expect MK4 2.0 to be released nationwide very soon as Ed Boon's scrolling text applet says that it is currently in production.
    October 17th, 1997
    12:01 PM CST -
    Hi-Tek Gaming has informed us that Tanya's fatal in Revision 2 has been confirmed. Problem is we tested with the wrong button, so it will be confirmed by us tomorrow. The supposed movement is:

    D - D - U - D - HP+BL (close)

    Reader Komments from the TRMK Forums:

    No Komments At This Time

    12:02 PM CST -
    Our Chicago Correspondent Patrick McCarron was told by Kris the manager at Just For Fun in Arlington Heights, IL (one of Midway's premier test locations for video and pinball) that the new MK4 2.1 was shipped to the distributors today. The new version was released yesterday to fix a NASTY CPU trick, that I'll just call the "down" bug for now, that Patrick had reminded Ed Boon of the day before. The bug was causing some of the test sites to lose revenue because people were having no problem defeating the computer to see the endings and wouldn't play because they had all seen them already
    October 18th, 1997
    12:00 PM CST -

  • The official Mortal Kombat Annihilation website is now open. The movie opens everywhere November 21.

  • The official Mortal Kombat Mythologies Website has been updated with behind the scenes shots and information about production about the game.
  • MK4 3D Artist, Dave Michicich, has updated his personal MK4 page that has huge high quality select screen pictures and assorted pictures of the 3D models he has created and ofsome magazine covers. Soon he will have stories and bios of each individual character. Thanks to Jared Putnam for this juicy tidbit.
  • The Mortal Kombat Mythologies Pepsi World site is now up. It's a great Shockwave laden presentation along with a quicktime tour of Midway's offices. Really cool stuff.

  • October 19th, 1997
    12:00 PM CST -
    Patrick McCarron has comprised a detailed list of all the Kombat Kodes in Revision 2.1. The icons for 1-4 are just numbers and 5 and 6 are some stick designs in red on a black background. 5 is a lightning bolt and 6 looks like some sort of sword. These along with one more icon are the available letters to choose from when entering your name for the high score. Here is the list of all known Kombat Kodes in order by Kode #: (also a tip for usuage of kombat kodes, you can also hold up and hit the buttons to rotate backwards in the icons)

    Kode 1: Free Weapon - 111-111 (A random weapon drops into the center of the arena at the begining of the round)

    Kode 2: Throwing Disabled - 100-100 (Breaks aren't disabled tho)

    Kode 3: Armed And Dangerous - 444-444 (Characters start with weapons drawn)

    Kode 4: Silent Kombat - 666-666 (No music)

    Kode 5: Explosive Kombat - 050-050 (When character looses all life, except for final round b4 Finish Him/Her, they explode into pieces, like the 2 on 2 mode)

    Kode 6: Random Weapons - 222-222 (Characters pull out a random weapon, not their own)

    Kode 8: Many Weapons - 555-555 (Every weapon in the game is dropped around the edge of the arena)

    Kode 9: Randper Kombat - 333-333 (Every so many seconds the character changes into another, no morph or explosion just change)

    Kode 14: Red Rain - 020-020 (When done on mountain top stage where it's raining the rain will be blood)

      12:01 PM CST -
      Thanks to Lee, Joe, and Matt for telling our Chicago Correspondent Patrick McCarron Cage's Prison Stage Fatality that they found in Revision 2.1, and yes this is confirmed, the movements are as followed:

    D - D - F - F - HK (close)

      12:02 PM CST -
      Once again our Chicago Correspondent Patrick McCarron brought us more info on 2.1 that he spotted from Just For Fun, so sit back and enjoy the reading.

    - Tanya's Fatality works in 2.1 so it is confirmed, it hasn't been tested in 1.0 yet tho. I will redescribe the fatality over now, for those who missed our old update on it: Tanya reaches over and places a kiss on her opponent. Her opponent then put their hand to their mouth in puzzlement as Tanya starts to walk away backwards. Then the opponent's arms and legs bend backwards, followed by alot of twisting and turning of the body around, until it zooms in and zooms out and the body explodes all over the screen. Parts of the body hit the screen and rest are all over the floor. Here is the movements for the fatality (you might want to hold block, do the D, D, U, D and then release block and then hit HP+BL, you can't hold one and do the moves and hit the other button like Sub's Fatal)

    D - D - U - D - BL+HP (close)

    - Shinnok's second color is gold and dark blue now

    - Tanya's Alternate Character Color is Hold Start, HK+LK+LP not HK+LK+HP as we said before

    - When you are alternate Cage (red outfit) you do the Red Shadows on the Shadow Kick and Uppercut, no change on the fireballs.

    - Reiko's Flip Kick is a half circle forward HK (B, D, F, HK) not just D, F, HK (Thanks ShaoKahn)

    - Shinnok automatically morphs back into himself when he is Impersonating someone after he wins 2 rounds, and then he can't Impersonate after it says finish him. Also he does not have a head when he does Scorpion's fire breath while impersonating him. When he does Sub's ice clone it is a ice clone of Sub-Zero that is seen.
    - 2 on 2 Mode is now working and getting used a lot at my arcade at least. First it's a good deal because when a player is already playing it just costs 3 tokens to play 2 on 2, a total of 5, not 6 that it asks for in the start with no players playing. You pick two characters each (you have two different colored cursors) and then you goto the VS Screen, again some codes don't work because of the 2 on 2 changes they probably have special 2 on 2 only codes. Then when the round starts there is alot of slowdown, but you see all 4 characters on the screen and then 2 jump off and the round begins. When one player loses their life they explode just like in the Explosive Kombat kode. The explosion consistes of body parts, bones, and other parts that are strewn across the screen. It's really cool looking and has good detail. In the beginning of the 2nd round you start with your 2nd player and then 3rd round again with your first player. For just an extra token, this is really worth it.

    - Jax's Quad Slam can't be found, we were told it was like it was in MK3 where you throw, and then rapidly tap HP, but we have tried this many times to no avail, and tried different ways of doing it.

      12:03 PM CST -
      Central California Correspondent TetterkeT observed that his local arcade recieved the latest version of the MK4 software. The employees said they'd had the update for a day or two. Unfortunately, TetterkeT found himself a bit disgruntled with the new FIENDISHLY difficult computer AI and didn't stay long enough to test any moves
      12:04 PM CST -
      We have been slow on this basically because we keep forgeting to post it. Thanks to ShaoKahn for first reporting this to us last week. Also right now there are rumors going around that this fatality is done in a simlair movement as Sub-Zero's fatality. We are still working on getting this to work and will keep you all posted.

    Shinnok disappears into a ring of fire on the ground. Then a hole opens up and a giant skeleton hand comes up and grabs his victim. The hand starts to squeeze harder and harder until the head of his victim pops off due to the pressure. The hand then lets go and the body falls to the ground. As the hand is going back into the hole it grabs the opponent and takes it with him, and then Shinnok appears back on screen.

      12:05 PM CST -
      Seems Ed Boon updated his Mortal Kombat 4 Page with some pictures of Jax's Ending, Quan Chi's ending, and Kai's Ending
      12:06 PM CST -
      Thanks to JJG for finding and telling our Chicago Correspondent Patrick McCarron Fujin's Prison Stage Fatality that he found in Revision 2.1, the move is confirmed for 2.1 and hasn't been tested on 1.0 yet. The movements are as follows:

    D - D - D - HK (close)

      October 22nd, 1997
      12:00 PM CST -
      I don't know who to kredit with this one, since it seemed like a chain of people contributed to it's refinement. I'll just thank everyone: ActiveMK4,
      MKX, and sven. However, a member of the TRMK staff has discovered that the fatality tends to execute much easier if you do the following motion:
    D - B - F - D - RN+BL (close)

      12:01 PM CST -
      Jarek's Heart Rip Fatality has been found. Thanks go out to netman@cin.net for posting the movement on the newsgroup.
    F - B - F - F - LK (close)

      October 23rd, 1997
      12:00 PM CST -
      Some stores have received their copies of MKT PC and are already selling them. Check out your local computer software stores tonight, but call before you go
      October 24th, 1997
      12:00 PM CST -
      The exact movement for Scorpion's Fatality has been found. Thanks go out to SekTrax and Lee. (it's not LP, that was a typo)

    B - F - F - B - BL (Just Past Sweep Distance)
    October 25th, 1997
    12:00 PM CST -
    For our Canadian readers out there, in Southern Ontario, our Canadian Correspondent IceMaster reports that Cyber Center at Burlington Mall in Burlington, Ontario has upgraded to revision 2
    October 26th, 1997
    12:00 PM CST -
    Quan Chi's, Reptile's, and Jax's Prison Stage Fatalities have been confirmed. Thanks go out to SekTrax.
    Quan Chi: F - F - D - HP (Close)

    Reptile: D - F - F - LP (Close)

    Jax: F - F - B - LK (Close)

    12:01 PM CST -
    Johnny Cage's Torso Rip and Reptile's Face Chew Fatalities have now been confirmed. Thanks to SekTrax.

    Cage's Torso Rip: F - B - D - D - HK (Close)

    Reptile's Face Chew: Hold HP + LP + HK + LK - U (Close)

    12:02 PM CST -
    On October 28th, TVT Records releases the 3rd in a series of bone crunching techno music: Mortal Kombat Annihilation. The soundtrack to the new film coming November 21st to theaters everywhere. It features the music of Megadeth, KMFDM, Juno Reactor, FSOL, and more...

    12:03 PM CST -
    The Mini v2.x Moves List has been updated for your printing pleasure. Everything that has been found in the last past weeks is in this FAQ. Soon we'll have the HTML Moves List revamped to handle the new options per character. (i.e. color changes, Kombat Kodes, etc.
    12:04 PM CST -
    The first revision of our Mortal Kombat 4 Weekly Text FAQ by The IceMaster is now available. Featuring detailed descriptions of the characters, Fatalities, and bone breaking moves. Plus, detailed Arcade Hardware technical info, the latest on the home versions of the game, and much more. Also available now on the alt.games.mk USENET Newsgroup. FTP distribution and Mailing List coming soon
    October 27th, 1997
    12:00 PM CST -
    Ed Boon has updated his page, Noob Saibot's Outworld with a redesigned main page, updated questions section, and last but definitely not least, a link to us. Thanks Ed
    October 28th, 1997
    12:00 PM CST -
    Shinnok's Prison Stage Fatality was found by
    Fighter Edge and confirmed by SekTrax.

    D - D - F - HK (Close)
    12:01 PM CST -
    Fujin's Explosion Fatality has been shortened and confirmed. It's just Block and Run 4 times. Thanks to JRF, Da Sawman,
    Fighter Edge, and SekTrax.

    BL + RN x4 (Just Past Sweep)
    12:02 PM CST -
    Two more Kombat Kodes have been found, yet to be confirmed by TRMK staff. Thanks to Darek Easley.

    Permanent Weapons: 002-002

    Noob Saibot Mode: 012-012
    12:03 PM CST -
    GamePro Online has updated with 15 sounds from MK4, sampled directly from the game's sound board. They are each available in both WAV and AIFF formats
    October 29th, 1997
    12:00 PM CST -
    Special thanks to Brandon Hamer for scanning some pictures and passing them along to us. They are all from the CD's book jacket
    12:01 PM CST -
    Sources at Q-City in Dallas have confirmed that there will be a new revision of MK4 supposedly November 1st. This revision will supposedly fix numerous bugs that were still present in the 2.x version. After this release is made, TRMK will have pictures and movies of the new revision
    October 30th, 1997
    12:00 PM CST -
    Apparently, Kai's Prison Stage Fatality has been confirmed. Thanks to Sektrax for simplifying the movement and
    Fighter Edge for the original motion. The correct way is as follows:
    F - F - D - BL (close)

    12:01 PM CST -
    Game Informer has some really good quality pictures of several fatalities from MK4. There's one shot for each character, so if you haven't seen a particular fatality yet, go check it out! Thanks to Jared Putnam for this gem
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