Mission 2: Sewer
You start in a room with a few bridges branching off here and there. Follow the path and take out the gun man before he shoots you too much. Notice that door at the far wall? You need to unlock it, so lets get to it! Go south and pick up the Sniper cartridge. Continue along the path and take out the two guys standing guard. Go over to the console on the far north wall and pick up the Medium medipak, then access the computer. It gives you Access Code 1. Next, go way south and get rid of the guy who is firing at you. Go up the stairs and take out the guy with the gun. Keep going along the path and go down the stairs into a room. Take out the guy in there who is shooting at you. Access the computer and get Access Code 2. Go back to the door that was locked before and go through. Kill the guy who is shooting at you and climb the ladder. At the top you will find another guy shooting at you... will it ever end!? Take him out and also pick up the sniper cartridge. Access the computer and get Access Code 3. Now, go north until you reach the wall - taking out anything in your way. Then, go left until you reach the door - also taking out anything in your way. Open the door and go in. Drop down the edge.

Kill the guy by the door. Open it and go into the large room. Take out all three gunmen in here, collecting their ammo on the way. Go down the ramp and pick up the Sniper Cartridge. Then, go onto the bridge and access the computer. It'll ask you for an Access Code. Take a look at your codes in order (1-2-3) and see what numbers you can make out of them. If you are stumped, the Access Code is 3129. Now, go back up the ramp and enter the newly opened door.

Go and pick up the two Sniper Cartridges in the first room. Then, go all the way north until you reach the wall. Go all the way left from there, taking out about four guys, until you reach a door. Go through it and take out the two guys in the first room. Go north until you hear gunshots. Snipe out the dude by the door. Go through the door he was guarding and get the Shotgun shells. Exit the room and go west until you reach the door... you will face two guys along the way. Enter it and kill the guy inside. Grab the KeyCard and leave. Go all the way back to the door you used to enter this area. Leave through that door and turn right at the first turning point. Go all the way east until you reach the wall and see the door. You can open the door now so do it.

Go up the ladder at the end of the room. Run all the way north until you see a door. Take a right at the first turning point from the door. Run all the way to the wall and go north into the curved tunnel. Go into the door at the end and kill the guy in the room. Grab the keycard and backtrack to the door we saw earlier, before we got the keycard. Enter the door.

Go up the ramp. Open the door at the top and go in. Kill the guy in the room and go through the next door. Go to the other side of the room and go up the stairs. Follow the path through the door and into a new room. Take out the guy in there and pick up the KeyCard. Go back into the water room and into the room with a blue shade. Go through the door in there. Move the bridge using the first console as the you enter the room. Go north and through the first door on your left as you go further. Go down the ladder and through the door at the bottom. Snipe out the guy in orange as you exit the door. Run to where he was and pick up his 9mm Clip and a rewarding Large Medipak! Go all the way south from there and go around the room until you reach another door. Go through it, up the ladder and through the door. Kill the guy just outside and travel north until you reach yet another door. Enter it, go east, then north and follow the path until you see a guy. Kill him and then go into the door. You'll get another keycard! Follow the path back out and into the hall where you entered this area. This time go south and follow the path around the another door and pick up the last key card. Back track to where you can move the bridge. Use the other two consoles. Now the entire bridge is okay to walk across. Go out the door closest to the first console and go to the next door over, to the east. Walk all the way across the brudge and prepare to fight Tasia.

Level Boss
Tasia: Watch out for her little glowing balls floating around, her bombs she throws, and her explosions when she appears and disappears. Get close to her and just throw a fury of kicks and punches and you'll be done pretty quick.

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