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Mortal Kombat Gold Bug List
Version 1.5.5
Compiled October 12, 1999 01:27 AM
by Patrick McCarron (


On the weekend of Friday October 8th I noticed that the new version of MKG is in stores.  To spot it look for a bright green "HOT! NEW!" sticker on the outside of the case attached to the manual.  Inside you will find the CD is now in a red tint instead of the original yellow tint. Just take your old MKG CD with your store receipt to get an exchange for the updated version. 

Updated for v1.5.5

Updated for v1.5

Updated for v1.2

New Version Bug Fix Legend

(?) - Bug had no specific cause in old version, but hasn't reappeared in the new version yet.
(FIXED!) - Bug had specific cause in old version, but is now fixed in new version of MKG.
(NOT FIXED!) - Bug had specific cause in old version, but is not fixed in new version of MKG.
Bug Title Version 1 Version 2
MKG Resetting Problems  Yes No / ?
Missing Goro  Yes ?
CPU Can't Move  Yes ?
Missing Victory Pose  Yes No
VMU Saving Problems  Yes No
Vertex Problems  Yes No
Interchangeable Fatalities Bug  Yes Yes
Goro All Mixed Up Bug  Yes No
Sub-Zero Spineless Head  Yes No
No Blood Splat on Screen  Yes Yes
Camera Zooms Out Past Level Walls  Yes Yes

Side Note about Dreamcast Games/MKG

Thanks Section

MKG Resetting Problems 

There have been PLENTY of reports of the game crashing/stalling/resetting at many different points of the game.  To save time I will just list the different instances where the game have been reported to reset itself.  Each one of these has happened to me at least once.

  • Occasionally while or during a fatality (?)
  • Before or after watching a character's cinema ending (?)
  • Occasionally at a start of a match (?)
  • After picking Noob Saibot's third outfit (FIXED!) 

Noob's 3rd Outfit

Noob Doing Sub's 2nd Fatality

Noob Still Doing Sub's 2nd Fatality

Missing Goro (?)

I have heard from one person, but not experienced myself yet, that Goro has been disappearing at times on their copy of MKG. Probably a glitch on that disc, I'll keep trying to repeat the bug myself though.

CPU Can't Move (?)

I've encountered a few occasional glitches where CPU gets stuck in place and can't move forward. Just hitting the computer will get them out of it, and I'm not totally certain but I think that the CPU's projectiles had no effect on me.

Missing Victory Pose (FIXED!)

Another interesting bug, or "feature" that I came across in MKG is missing "victory" poses of the character you use to defeat the tournament mode. In the previous versions of MK4 you'd see the character holding a skull and a trophy. Now you just see the trophy and skull floating in the air and the MKG "Push Start" screen in place of the character's model. I have also noticed that when the CPU wins the Tournament it WILL show the proper character model instead of the logo screen, so this was obviously an overlooked glitch.

Human Player One

Computer Player 4

Human Player One Fixed
VMU Saving Problems (FIXED!)

I have not encountered this myself because I haven't purchased the VMU yet but I hear you can save the game settings to the VMU, but any of the Kombat Theatre settings of endings you have opened will not be saved to the VMU. I'm pretty sure this is every copy of the game. 

The box does not show support for the VMU and the manual states the following about the VMU:
"Mortal Kombat Gold does NOT support the VMU. Even though it is listed in the menu, it is NOT functional. Do NOT attempt to enable the VMU."

Version 2 VMU Note:
The saving of game settings to the VMU will save what cheat codes you have activated, along with all characters unlocked, but wont have the cheat menu open to toggle the settings.  So you have to open the menu again to toggle the cheats on/off.

Vertex Problems (FIXED!)

Some places in the game there are some noticeable vertex problems.  Basically what happens is that one vertex of a player, object, etc. is in the wrong place so when a picture is textured mapped onto the object you will get a noticeable line across the screen when the object is present. The problem usually starts after you continue or beat the game and develops more once you play for a longer period of time.

My theory:
I believe this is due to a memory leak within the system. I think this because it usually only occurs after playing the same characters over and over a few times. The memory for that vertex or vertices are probably getting re-written by information of another vertex, causing the line caused by the texturing of the offset vertex. In the prison stage I saw one of Raiden's vertices pointing towards the overhead lights every time I froze him, thus leading to my theory.

Look right in front of Tanya for a long blue line going across the screen.

Here is another long blue line that extended the whole length of the screen.

Here is Quan Chi's Skull's Black Vertex line, look right about the front of the skull for the black bar going to the top of the screen.
Interchangeable Fatalities Bug (NOT FIXED!)

It seems when you have the quick fatalities activated and quickly tap HP or LP when the words Finish Him/Her appear the game might accidentally execute the wrong fatality.  It's very tricky and might depend on other things that have occurred earlier in the game.  It seems to work with HP tapping starting before the word FINISH HIM comes up, and it'll usually perform Cage's torso rip as seen below.

Baraka at the end of Cage's Torso Rip Fatality.

Goro All Mixed Up Bug (FIXED!)

This very interesting bug was discovered by  You'll get to see a very mixed up Goro composed of body parts from Johnny Cage, Sub-Zero, and frozen parts of other people.  

Here are the directions:

  1. Play Arcade Mode - 2 on 2 Kombat

  2. Pick First Player as Johnny Cage and Second Player as Kai

  3. Goto the Master Tower, Rotate it Three Times

  4. In the second round Goro will appear as he does below

CaGoro, as I call him, waiting for battle after his teammate was killed.

CaGoro doing his taunt.

Sub-Zero Spineless Head (FIXED!)

To have Sub-Zero pull of just a head and no spine simply pick Sub-Zero's third outfit (the iced uniform) and execute his head rip fatality.  I have had other glitches like this one with this outfit while doing the fatality, like the game freezing when he grabbed the victim's head, huge block of what looked like ice around the decapitated head, etc. 

Thanks to

Sub-Zero holding Tanya's Head, but no Spine.

No Blood Splat on Screen (NOT FIXED!)

After performing the Prison Fan Fatality the blood stain from the character's head hitting the wall is gone, it appears that the camera is actually too close and the blood stain is probably behind the camera somewhere.  Like when you do Kitana's Kiss of Death Fatality the camera zooms back to show the blood stain floating in mid air right near where the camera probably was.  Almost all blood splats are NOT visible on the screen, and I have noticed many camera angles being incorrect from the arcade much of the time, accounting for this error.

Camera Zooms Out Past Level Walls (NOT FIXED!)

When performing some Fatalities the game camera moves outside the walls of the level and blocks the viewing of the Fatality, usually until the camera angle changes again.

Side Note about Dreamcast Games/MKG:

Here is something I came across on that struck me as very interesting with the number of reports of bad Dreamcast games abundant on the Market.  The part in the passage below about 1 in 5 discs being defective.  Maybe it was just a mad rush to get the game out, and Sega didn't check any of the discs for errors which is why some peoples games are more defective than others.

Also, Night Ranger, an ex-employee at an undisclosed software developer sent an extremely informative email answering my questions regarding the Dreamcast's GD-ROM Format. Check it:

"A GD-ROM uses only 1/4 of the actual surface area on the disc for data. Within that small space, it can hold up to one gigabyte (calculated binary, not decimally, so 1,073,741,824 bytes) of data. The other 3/4 of the disc is reserved for audio. Following the ISO9660 file format standard, if the disc is placed in a CD-ROM or DVD-ROM drive, the table of contents is readable. However, the data contained within is kept a mystery to both types of drives. A rumor has been passed around that SEGA adapted one of the 1st generation DVD prototypes, then compressed the helicals into a smaller package, then used an exsting standard for the rest of the disc. Unfortunately, SEGA wants to keep the details of this format a well-guarded secret, so that piracy does not become a factor. Only three companies I know if in the US are able to prodice these discs. Maxell, Denon, and TDK, I believe. The failure rate is tremendous for these as well, 1:5 is defective. As an added slap in the face to pirates, if the format is ever broken, SEGA included hardware copy protection to their consoles, the same way Sony did with the PlayStation. An area in the printed discs is not copyable by the "Katana," SEGA's GD-Writer (which, incidentally, is $2300 and only available to developers. It takes 4 hours to burn a single disc. The blank media, also only available from SEGA, is $12.00 a piece.). SEGA supplies a system disc that allows developers to boot copies or prototypes. However, these discs are fairly expensive, and are coded with a serial number by SEGA, so if one gets out, and is mass-produced, and SEGA gets a hold of it, they will know who was responsible for letting the disc out of their posession."

Now if you are to email Midway about the problems with MKG you'll get this response:

We have had reports of problems with the Dreamcast and some of the games. Testing has begun to try to find the cause of these problems. Only recently have these problems been brought to our attention and we are currently reviewing all probable causes. Midway is compiling a list of consumers who report problems, and we will contact you once Sega and we have found a solution. Midway and Sega hope to have this problem resolved within the next week.

We will contact you to let you know what options we can pursue once more about the situation is known. In the meantime we ask that you retain the game and all of its information, including the receipt. 

Your continued patience and cooperation are greatly appreciated.

NEWS UPDATE! - On September 16th, Mortal Kombat Lead Programmer Ed Boon announced in an online chat that Midway will release a fixed version of Mortal Kombat Gold. 


On the weekend of Friday October 8th I noticed that the new version of MKG is in stores.  To spot it look for a bright green "HOT! NEW!" sticker on the outside of the case attached to the manual.  Inside you will find the CD is now in a red tint instead of the original yellow tint. Just take your old MKG CD with your store receipt to get an exchange for the updated version. Pictures to come soon.

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