The Complete Guide to

Launch Flash Guide

This guide requires the following plugin and application to function correctly. If the window pops up and you have no picture or no sound, click on the following buttons to make sure you have the most current version running on your system.


This guide also requires that you are running the latest version of Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator if the window doesn't open or you experience any other malfunctions, please upgrade your browser to the latest version available. If all else fails, please download our printable moves list linked below.

Accessory Guides

The following guides are an accompaniment to the flash based guide above. Listed below is a link to all known cheat codes that have been confirmed to work in Mortal Kombat Gold. Also, we have created a text based moves list that is designed to be printed out perfectly on 3 pages.

Mortal Kombat Gold Cheat Codes

Printable Mortal Kombat Gold Moves List

More to come...