April 29th, 1997
12:00 PM CST -
Here's the newest version of the MK:A cast according to the US Internet Movie Database:

Robin ShouLiu KangSandra HessSonya Blade
Talisa SotoKitanaIrina PantaevaJade
Brian ThompsonShao KahnReiner SchöneShinnok
Lynn 'Red' WilliamsJaxDeron McBeeMotaro (?)
LiteFootNightwolf James RemarRayden

It seems like Motaro will have a speaking part. Kinda weird, but you have to remember that Goro talked also, but for a short amount of time. James Remar is playing the part of Rayden, instead of Johnny Cage. The biggest news is that Shinnok will appear in MK:A! If you are unaware of the existence of Shinnok, he is the Elder God that used Noob Saibot as a double agent to destroy Kahn and relinquish both the Earth Realm and the Outworld to Shinnok. Could this also be the base of MK4's storyline? If it is, you heard it here first. (Thanks to Jared Putnam for notifying me that USIMDB updated

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