Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3

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Classic Sub-Zero Cyrax Ermac
Human Smoke Jade Jax
Kabal Kano Kitana
Kung Lao Liu Kang Mileena
Nightwolf Reptile Scorpion
Sektor Shang Tsung Sheeva
Sindel Smoke Sonya
Stryker Sub-Zero

Liu Kang


    After the Outworld invasion Liu Kang finds himself the prime target of Kahn's extermination squads. He is the Shaolin champion and has thwarted Kahn's schemes in the past. Of all the humans, Kang poses the greatest threat to Shao Kahn's rule.


    After thwarting Shao Kahn in the past Liu Kang finds himself the main target of Kahn's extermination squads. But Kang is the reigning Mortal Kombat champion and proves it by easily defeating Kahn's minions. But it's the apparent death of his friend Kung Lao that enrages Kang and enables him to find the strength to defeat Shao Kahn. Then before the portal closes, Liu Kang is greeted by Princess Kitana and thanked for saving Earth and the Outworld.

    Special Move

    • High Fire Dragon: F , F , HP
    • Low Fire Dragon: F , F , LP
    • Flying Kick: F , F , HK
    • Bicycle Kick: Hold LK 3 sec , Release


    • 7-hit 34%: HP , HP , BL , LK , LK , HK , LK


    • Invisible Flame: F , F , D , D , LK (Anywhere)
    • MK Arcade Drop: U , D , U , U , BL + RUN (Anywhere)


    • Shadow Dragon: RUN , RUN , RUN , D + RUN (Far Away)


    • Dragon: D , D , U (Sweep)


    • Babality: D , D , D , HK

    Pit Fatality

    • Stage: RUN , BL , BL , LK

    Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3

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