The Tips Page
Last Updated: 11-18-00

Here is a little tips page, thanks to graphics from Mike Taran of The Grid Design Team, each picture tells you a bit about the tip, I will explain more in the caption.

Da Bomb! - In order to get Da Bomb! you need to collect $4,000 in one round. Da Bomb! will kill all the opponents in the game at the present time, an easy few points to take the lead or solidify your lead.


Money - Money is very important, with money you can earn powerups like a Super Charge or even Da Bomb!. Money is also used to win a tie game. Say you and someone else both finish with 10 kills, the person with the most money out of you two will win the round and get to play again for free!


Power Ups - Be sure to collect Ammo Boxes and the Medical Kits. These both will greatly improve your ability to stay alive just a bit longer to score some more points.


Shield - You start out the game after each respawn with a protective shield. This protects you for a limited amount of time, or until you press the fire button. So if you need to find a weapon really quick don't press fire until you find a better weapon.


Super Charge - To be Super Charged you need to collect $2,000 in one round. When you are Super Charged you move faster, shoot faster, and reload faster. This is a quick way to score kills with slower reloading but powerful guns like the Flash Cannon. Use it wiseley.


Traps - Some levels have traps that you can use to trap and/or kill your opponents. These levels include Electro, X-Fan Castle, and a few more.

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