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In The Grid there are initially eight selectable characters.  Their names are: Wes, Flint, April, Cyrus, Ike, Chiller, Trixi, and Karasu. There are some known hidden characters: Sub-Zero, Scorpion, Announcer, Grid Man, A Toasted Man, and Cheerleader(s).  They are unlocked by scoring a high number of total points and collecting a lot of money in your account.  At what scores each secret player is unlocked at is still unknown.

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Story Line: Unknown

Description: He looks like a modified version of the Tron character.  He has a large helmet and a visor.

Special Move: Emits a force that pulls opponents weapons out of their hands and into his hands.

Starting Weapon: Single-Barrel Shotgun


Story Line: Unknown

Description: Seems to have an appearance of the "old master."  He appears to be older than the rest, but still looks tough as a nail.

Special Move: Uses a jet pack to fly into the air above the playfield

Starting Weapon: Mako


Story Line: Unknown

Description: The first of two female characters in the game.  She sports red hair and wears a tight black top along with a pair of camo-style pants.

Special Move: Teleport: She quickly spins and digs into the ground and appears elsewhere on the playfield.

Starting Weapon: Zeus Gun


Story Line: Unknown

Description: Has a tough biker look.  He has a leather jacket with a logo on the back of it.  He has goggles on his head, and a tatoo on his arm.

Special Move: He jumps up into the air and then starts to land down at an accelerated speed towards his nearest enemy.  When he lands close enough the fall causes people around him to loose health and fall over.

Starting Weapon: Blaster


Story Line: Unknown

Description: Looks to be a wannabe Jax.  He is a big African American fighter with a yellow top.

Special Move: Executes a body slam that stuns opponents within the shockwave, causing them to lose their weapons and lose health. Maybe even cause death.

Starting Weapon: Tri-Shot


Story Line: Unknown

Description: He wears blue and white and has an red eye piece over his right eye that is attached to his helmet.

Special Move: He runs really quick with a trail of fire behind him. Also anyone he touches while running is sent into a spin.

Starting Weapon: Uzi


Story Line: Unknown

Description: This is the second female character.  She wears a purple outfit and has her black hair in two pig tails.

Special Move: She turns herself invisible for a short period of time.

Starting Weapon: Harpoon


Story Line: Unknown

Description: He is a new futuristic style of ninja in red armor, even carries a katana sword on his back.  It is unusable at this time.

Special Move: Performs a flying kick ala Liu Kang from Mortal Kombat

Starting Weapon: Plasma Gun

Thanks to Ed Boon and for the above screenshots.

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