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MPEG Video Files
Here are some different assorted media from The Grid courtesy of The Grid design team. They come in different foms to fit all bandwidth needs. You can use almost any newer video player, like Windows Media Player, to view the clips.

Chiller Video

MPG 320x240 (4.00MB)
MPG 160x120 (1.84MB)

(Click on the picture for larger version)
In Game Screen Shots
(courtesy Ed Boon, BBruce (Noob Pictures), and Kaper (Red Dog 6 Pictures) )

The Boot Up Screen, where it finds all The Grid machines.

Darla runs with the flame thrower.

Chiller looks on as someone gets toasted.

Chiller wins a Gazillion bucks!

Ike waits as the arena forms.

Trixi and April aim for the kill

The Host horns the Camera Man.

Here Joe enters his name.

Flint fires the Flash Cannon.

Scorpion is player hunting with his Triple Barrel Shotgun.

This player enters the Booya! code

Sub-Zero holds the Ice Cannon.

Chiller wants someone to play with!

Ike wins the match!

Noob is out for the kill!

Noob awaits battle

Noob Stil awaing battle

Noob ready to kick ass and take names!

Red Dog 6 awaiting battle.

Red Dog 6 wins the match!

The Grid Scans

The Grid Publicity Flyer
Front Side

The Grid Publicity Flyer
Back Side

The Grid Preview in October's GamePro
by Dan Electro

The Grid Preview from November 2000 Issue of The Official Dreamcast Magazine
Older Pictures (via Camcorder)
Again, these were taken with a camcorder, not best of quality.

Distant shot of The Grid 4-
player machine.

Shot of the Control Panel.

Another shot of the Control

Shot of the Stats Screen.

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