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Baraka Batman Captain Marvel
Catwoman Deathstroke Green Lantern
Jax Briggs Joker Kano
Kitana Lex Luthor Liu Kang
Raiden Scorpion Shang Tsung
Sonya Blade Sub-Zero Superman
The Flash Wonder Woman Darkseid
Shao Kahn

Jax Briggs


    A decorated soldier and formidable warrior, Jax found that he could enhance his strength and fighting ability through technology. Replacing his arms with cybernetics, he has become a juggernaut in the fight to protect Earthrealm. After Emperor Shao Kahn's invasion, Jax realized that the military was unprepared for threats from other realms. He and his partner, Sonya Blade, formed a division of the Special Forces tasked with monitoring threats not from this world. The Outerworld Investigation Agency will soon face its first crisis.


    Badly injured in the melee with the otherworldly invaders, Jax knew he must enhance his cybernetics to save his own life. He underwent massive anatomical restructuring, replacing most of his body with mechanized, fully armored versions. Jax is now more powerful than ever, but at the cost of his humanity.

    Special Move

    • Gun Runner: B,B+A1
    • Power Fist: D,B+A2 (Hit A1 or A3 after the punch for an extra hit)
    • Blinding Light: D,B+A1
    • Rocket Blast: D,B+A3
    • Gotcha Grab: F,F+A2 (Tap A2 for extra hits)
    • Ground Pound: D,D+A4

    Pro Move

    • Double Rocket Blast:
      D,B+A3 + D,B+A4
      (+ after 1st rocket appears)
    • Power Fist to Gotcha Grab:
      D,B+A2 + A1 + F + A2
      (+ wait til previous move connects)
    • Ground Pound to Gun Runner:
      D,D+A4 + B , B + A1
      (+ Wait until fist hits ground)
    • Power Fist Head Smash:
      D,B+A2 + A3
      (+ wait til previous move connects)


    • Fatality 1: B,F,F,B,A2(Close)
    • Fatality 2: F,F,B,B,A3(Close)

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