Mission 5: Outworld
From where you start, head north and take a right at the fork. Head up the path and keep going east. Take out the two Outworld thugs who attack you. Keep going until you reach a path leading South. Follow it down and take the guy out on the platform. Walk into the red Portal. Go to your left and down the ramp. Go north and pick up the Shotgun Shells. Keep going and head down the ramp that leads to a ruby-looking object. Pick it up... it's called a Dragon Eye. Walk back up the ramp onto the path and follow it until you reach a ramp leading up. Go up it and take out the thug who attacks you. Pick up the Medium Medipak and walk into the Portal. Take out the thug who immediately goes after you as you re-appear. Go left until you get to a ramp leading down. Walk along the path until you reach another Portal, taking out the two thugs along the way. Walk into the Portal. Next, head up the ramp in front of you and head west. Follow the path, taking out any guys along the way until you reach a small crooked-looking stone bridge. Carefully walk across it and into the red Portal. When you re-appear, hit the switch to move the bridge. Hop back into the Portal to get back to where that bridge was. Follow it ack to where it started, but this time follow the walkway to the east. Follow it until you reach the bridge we rotated. Walk across the bridge, down the ramp and down the path to the purple Dragon Eye. Kill the guy guarding it and grab it. Follow the path back to where it started. This time instead of going east or west, go straight and use any of the ramps to get into the Portal. When you re-appear, immediately kill the guard nearest you. After he's been taken care of, grab the Large Medipak and walk across the bridge to the right. Kill the thug on the other side and walk up the path to Jax's right. At the fork, kill the guard who attacks you. Go to your left and follow the path to the two altars. Take out the two guards in the area, then use the two Dragon Eyes on the altars. Use the red one on King Tsung's altar (Shang Tsung?) and the purple one on King Kang's altar (Liu Kang?). You will hear Shao Kahn say "Superb". A new Portal will open. Walk through it.

Drop into the area in front of you. Grab the large Medipak and proceed forward. Take out the guard who enters and attacks you. Go into the next room. Kill the guard at the end and take the Sniper Cartridge. Go into the next room and go to your left. Kill the guy along the path. Go to Jax's left and follow the path until you find a new path that goes up. At the top, kill the guy who is there. Continue going left, over the bridge and to the last platform. Kill the guard and grab the Medium Medipak. Go back to the bridge and into the center. Drop down to where a guard is standing and take him out. From where you are, go north. If you go south it will lead you to a Sniper Cartridge. It's your choice. If you go north, it will lead to your a high platform. Follow it until you find a ramp going down. Go down the ramp and fall off the edge into the Portal. When you re-appear, head north into the large Portal.

Climb up on the ledge to the right. Climb up on the next ledge. Then, go to the left and across the ledge. After that, climb up the higher ledge. Once up there, there is no more climbing like that. Go north and turn right at the end. Keep going and follow the spiral path up. Take out the guy there and go right some more. Follow the next spiral path up and grab the Large Medipak. Go back down onto the flat bridge. Drop off down to the large area below. Take out the thug who attacks you upon landing. Go into the big building in front of you. Climb the ladder to your left and follow the path up to the roof of the building. On top, grab the Rockets and the Medium Medipak. Go back down the ladder and go out the opening to the right on the second level. Go along the path and grab the Large Medipak at the end. Go back into the building and down to the main floor. Head out of the building and take a right at the pathway. Follow it and go up the Spiral path to a small roof. Fall in the opening and go out the door. Follow the pathway to an area that looks like the one we started in. Climb up the small rocks and onto the high platform to the right to oick up the Bronze Key. Head back into the small building and climb the ladder. At the top, go north. At the first right, follow the path, go up the spiral path and follow it. Kill all the guys here and pick up the small medipak on the small roof. Make note of this area, we'll be coming back. Follow the path back to the fork and go to Jax's right. Go into the small building and take out the guy inside. Pick up the Medium Medipak in there as well. Now, go all the way back to that huge building we were at earlier... the one with all the ladders. Go through it and out the other side. Go into the small building ahead. Climb the ladder. At the top, drop onto the platform and kill the guy walking away from you. Go to Jax's left and onto the roof of another building. Fall in the hole in the roof. Go out the door and shoot the guy patrolling the area. Follow the path around and down to the next building. Go in and grab the Blue Key. Remember that area I told you to make note of? Head back there. Follow the path up to another small building and go in. At the top, follow the path all the way around and kill the guy standing guard. Walk to the edge of this stone platform and walk forward. Fall off onto the area by the last Portal. Be careful, I know you don't want to have to do this whole area over again! Once you hit a safe landing, climb up the rocks and run through the Portal... it's time to face Kano!

You will see an FMV of Jax and Kano. Kano's blabbering on and on about the Black Dragon and all that crap... but hey, he's got the Australian accent from the movie!! Now on to strategy against him.

Level Boss
Kano: His knives are extremely hard to avoid and they follow you. Did I mention they take off a lot of damage? He rarely does his Cannonball, but its in there! Anyways, just pull out your machine gun and blast away. It should cause Kano to move closer to your, causing an opening to duke it out with him. Once you have him in his place, just pound him until he goes down.


After you've beaten the game, be sure to save your game since a new Cheat Menu will be enabled. Read the MKSF cheats page to find out what it does!!

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