Mission 4: Sin Kiang
You start in a canyon in the lost city of Sin Kiang. Go forward a little bit and get out a weapon. Don't get too far ahead because there are guys on cliffs ready to shoot rockets at you! So, get into sniper mode and fire away at the first guy on the cliff to the right until he is dead. Continue forward and pick up the rockets and the sniper cartridge. Go forward a little more and do the same to the guy on the cliff to the left. Keep on going until you see a bridge. There is a guy on there who is pretty quick with his trigger finger so stand back and get into sniper mode again. Take him out and run under the bridge, past the guy on the cliff above and into the small building to pick up some rockets, a sniper cartridge and a very rewarding Large Medipak! Go out of the building and snipe out the guy you ran past earlier. Now, go west down the path. Pick up the sniper cartridge at the end. Now, get into sniper mode once again and take out the thug on the bridge. Now, keep running south past all the guys on bridges and cliffs picking up any items along the way. At the end run into yet another small building and snag the Blue Key and a Medium Mediapak! If you want, you can go back to snipe out all the guys you ran past but it's just a waste of time. Exit the building and pick up the Sniper cartridge outside. Keep going to your west until you reach a wall. Look down the canyon... oh joy! More thugs to take out. Start by taking out the first guy on the cliff to the right. Keep going until you see a guy on a cliff to the left. He should jump down to get you so just cap him until he goes down. Continue going until you see a new guy on another cliff. Take him out quick and also pick up the Rockets on the ground as well. Okay, we're almost done with this area. Keep going and take out the guy who hops down to get you. Next there is a guy on a bridge... take him out fast! Pick up the Medium Medipak along the way. There is another bridge just after thae one... skip the guy up there and run under the bridge, picking up the Sniper Cartridge under it. Shoot the guy who runs at you from ahead and get far enough away from the bridge you just ran under so you can turn around and take out the guy on it. After that is done, just run down the slope and into the building with the MK dragon on the door.

When you start inside here, pick up the detonators and take out the two guys coming towards you. Keep going forward until you see a blue stone door on your left. Go in it and get the grenades. Leave the room and take out the guy just down the hall. There will be another hall to your left. Take out the guy standing right by where it starts. Go down the new hall and kill the guy walking down it. Make a turn at the end and head towards the red light. Take out the guy down there. Take note of the ruby that is making the light... we'll be getting it soon. Head back out to the main hall and keep going until you see an edge with a platform above. We need to lower it right? We will soon enough. Go back and into the small open door. Head down this hall and follow it to a blue door. Go in and push the big red boxes to the left and go into the secret room. Inside... a well needed Free Life!! Pick it up and on the way back out to the main hall make note of the alter of Queen Rhiana. Head back out to the main hall and go all the way back to the entrance. Now, head down the hall slowly and find the first crack in the wall to your left. Put a detonator by it and run to blow out the wall. Go in and get the Emerald. Now, go out and follow the hall down until you reach another crack... this time to the right. Blow out the wall and head in. Inside this room are five stacks of red boxes. Pull or push them all out of the way. They all cover tunnels to either dead ends or switches. The first, second and fifth tunnels from the door all lead to dead ends. The third and fourth ones from the door lead to switches. Flip both switches and head out of the room. Keep going down the hall and look for another crack in the wall, this time to the left. Blow it out and you will find the alter of Princess Adrina. Make note of it and head out. Remember that platform we had to lower? Now is the time to do it! Continue going down the hall until you reach the first opening to your right. Inside, follow the path around to a control panel. Access the computer to lower the platform. Leave the same way you got in and head to the platform. Cross it and enter the first room to your left. Access the computer in there to lift the platform again. Head out and continue down the main hall. Kill the guy who spots you and keep going until you find an Amethyst by a door with the MK dragon on it. Pick it up and head back. Turn at the first turn to your right. Follow the path and take out the guard along the way. Go into the room at the end and pick up the Blue Key. Keep going west and cross the platform. Follow the path and pick up the Ruby at the end. Drop off the edge onto the floor. You are now back on the floor we were on earlier.

Follow the path out to the main hall. Go into the blue door just across from you and go in. Put the emerald on Queen Eliza's altar. Keep going back until you reach the second opening to Jax's left. Enter and put the Amethyst on the altar of Princess Adrina. Leave the room and go back towards where the platform was. Enter the hallway closest to the platform area and follow it to the room with Queen Rhiana's altar. Put the ruby on it and leave. You should hear Shao Kahn or some guy who sounds just like him say "Excellent". From there head straight to the platform control room... we used it earlier. Lower the platform and exit back to the main hall. Walk across the platform and keep going straight until you reach a door with the MK dragon on it, taking out any guards along the way. Go through the door and into the Gateway to the Netherealm.

In the first room, there are some grenades and a small medipak. Climb up the big rocks on the left side of the room to get them. Then go to the right side of the room and climb the rocks there. Follow the ledge to the open door and go through. In this room, take out the three thugs before doing anything else. When they are disposed of, get the rockets and large Medipak from the right side of the room and some grenades and the ever important Gold Key from the left side. Move on into the next room and take out the three thugs that greet you. After they are dead, go up to the small platform with the console. Use the computer and it will move the plank in the room, allowing you to go through the Portal and into the Netherealm. If you want, you can take out three more thugs in the small room to the right of the computer and pick up a Small Medipak if you want it. Now, go back down to the floor, hop onto the plank and run through the Portal.

Level Boss
Tremor: He's a yellow Lin Kuei ninja who looks a lot like Scorpion. Watch out for his Triple Fireball and his Jax-like Ground Smash. He may seem imposing, but he's not. Just, as usual, get close to him and layeth the smacketh down on his candy ass until he goes down. He, also as usual, shouldn't cause much trouble.

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