Mission 3: Tower
You start in a parking garage. From where you start, head south into the lot. Check the license plate on the black car. It says "g82-hel". Continue going forward and take out the guy who runs towards you. Keep going and turn the corner into the next lot. Two guys are in here, so take them out and then go into the room in the southwest corner of the lot. Hit the switch to open the garage door. Go back out and check the license plates on the two cars before going through the newly opened garage door. One reads "sophia-9" and the other reads "midway". Go through the door and take out the guy who is waiting for you. Keep going left into the lot and take out the guy who is walking away from you. Another thug will attack you, so get him too. Now check the two cars license plates that are in the lot. One reads "1-kintaro" and the other reads "baraka0". Next go east around the corner. Take note of that glass door, we'll be coming back here soon. Check the license plate on the red car in the lot by by glass door. It reads "raiden3". Starting to wonder if they mean anything? Good, because they do. Go to the keypad next to the garage door that is west of the glass door. The numbers on the plates are the numbers you need to put in, so put in 82931 as the code. Enter the new lot and take out the three guys in the lot, one has a gun. Then check the four cars for their plates. One reads "9-orog", another reads "2elipter", another reads "47anatik" and the last one reads "ona-k8". Be sure to pick up the Large Medipak by the car with the "9-orog" license plate! Now go to the next key pad in the northwest corner of this lot. Enter the code as 97482. If you read the license plates backwards, you should be able to figure this out.

Proceed into the next lot and take out the three guys by the garage booth. Go into the door and pick up the Red Key. Go all the way back to the glass door we saw earlier and go in. Get on the elevator and you'll be in the building.

Go up the stairs and into the lobby. Take out the guy behind the desk and the guy who's walking down the hall. Next, go down the red carpeted hall and snipe out the guy who is walking away from you. Head into the room in the far north corner of the hall. Grab the C Room key and leave the room. Go east down the hall until you reach the wall. Head down the stairs and take a right. Keep going and you will be in the showering area. There are a couple chicks in here: one taking a shower, the other in the bathroom to the south. Stare at them or cap them... it really doesn't matter to me. Get back on the path you were on earlier before checking them out, the one by the northern set of lockers. Keep going east and follow the path until you reach a door at the end of the hall. There is a guy who will be firing a shotgun at you before reaching the door and another guy right at the door, so watch out. Go into the room and pick up the BR Key and a Free life! Go back upstairs but watch out for another gunman along the way. Head into the first room to Jax's right as you go west down the hall. Take out the guy at the computer on the left side of the room. After he's gone, Access the computer. You will get a message telling you to check your log book (messages). A message from a girl named Sophia has been sent to you telling you to meet her at a designated spot. Head back to the showers and you will find her. She doesn't say anything, just walks around. Check the lockers on the north side of the room until you can open one. Inside you'll find the SPF Key. Go back upstairs and go into the room at the end of the hall. You were in here earlier but go through the other door in this room and take out the guy in there. Pick up the CR Key and also get the Rockets in there too.

Now, go back out to the lobby and head into the room next to the desk. Access the computer to get elevator access. Leave the room and hop on the elevator to head upstairs.

Go south and leave out the door. You should be outside now. Go east and take out the guy with the shotgun. Keep going until you get to the gate. Open it and climb up the ladder. In this area, you should snipe out the guys, so don't walk ahead too far. After you snipe the first three guys, take a right at the first turn and take out the guy there. Keep going right and hop on the roof. Take out the guy patrolling the roof area. Set detonators on the cracks in each of window and wait for them to blow. Pick up all the items in the rooms. One has a Medium Medipak and the other has the Bronze Key. There are some detonators in the northewest corner of this roof area if you need them. Climb back onto the main path and continue going, sniping out guys as you go. There is another roof area along the way but it doesn't have much. Only blow out the windows and get the stuff if you need health or ammo. At the end of the path, go into the small building and access the computer to unlock the gate. Go out and head east to enter the gate and fight Jarek from Mortal Kombat 4!

Level Boss
Jarek: Watch out for his knives as they are quick and take off a hefty heap of damage. Use the usual strategy of getting close and beating the crap out of the boss. If he starts punching, block immediately since his punches are strong. Keep punching him until his health is gone. He shouldn't cause you too much trouble. Beat him and its off to the lost city of Sin Kiang!

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