Mission 1: Warehouse
You start in a back alley. In the first area, there are two bad guys. Take them both out and go into the next area via the small pathway. There is only one guy in here, so take him out. Next, go through the door in the upper right corner of this area. You will be in a large room inside the warehouse. Take out all five guys in this room and pick up the two medipaks. One is on the ledge with the ladder leading up it and the other is on a cargo hold on the right-most side of the room. After you've collected everything, head down the hall on the north side of the room , past the elevator, and into the door. You should be in a room with a staircase. Go down them and into the room. Take out the lone soldier in this room and pick up the Power Room Key between the heaters. If you want, go down the hall at the north of the room. Inside the room at the end of the hall you will find a 9mm Clip...more ammo! Now, head back upstairs and into the huge room you were in earlier. Go to the east of this room and into the hallway. In the first room to Jax's left you will find another 9mm clip. After that, head into the big room at the end of the hall. Take out the three guys standing guard and go into the Power Room and the north of the room. Hit the power switch to get elevator power. (Checkpoint)

Go up to the second floor with the elevator. As you get off, go into the room to your north. You will have to face three guys but you'll get a 9mm clip for your hard work! Then, go into the small office just opposite the elevator to get a small medipak. Now, go south into the large area and take out the one guy who will try and attack you. After you've beaten him, go east and into the wooden room. Here you will find your first encounter with guns in this game. A guy will shoot at you... try to get to him as fast as you can and take him out. Pick up his ammo after you've done so. This goes for all the other guys with guns in the game, just to let you know. Notice that fire eascape in the room where he was? We're gonna need to get out there in a little bit.

Go up the the third floor via the elevator. Beat up the guy who is in the room to your north as you get off. Go into the little hallway next to the elevator and take out the two guys who attack you. Make note of this hallway and the crack in the wall...we'll be coming back here soon. Now, go to the room with a green tinted shade and get rid of the guy in there. Also make note of the door at the end of the room...we will be coming back here soon as well. Get into the elevator and go up to the fourth floor. As you exit, pick up the 9mm clip just outside the elevator.

Go into the wooden area to the north. There are about eight guys in the general area...take 'em out by hand or gun. Either way goes. Be sure to pick up the Large Medipak in the corner of one room and the Detornator in the last room. Whatever you do, do not use the detonator on the crack that is close to where the Detonator is. Believe me, I did it and it will prevent you from beating the level. Next, head back into the elevator and down to floor three. Remember that little hallway I told you to take note of by the elevator? Go to the end of it and use the Detonator on the crack. Be sure to move away from the explosion so you don't lose any health.

One you have blown out the wall, go to the north in the newly discovered hall and into the tiny room. Grab the Security keycard and head to the other room I told you to make note of... you know, the one with the green shade. It is on the same floor so you won't need to do any elevatoring. Go through the security door and take out the two guys inside. Flip the switch to open the Fire Exit. (Checkpoint)

As you exit the Security Room, a couple guys will try and attack you. Just take them out and head for the elevator. Take it down to floor two and head all the way to that Fire exit we saw earlier. Open the door and go outside. Go up the stairs and into the building. Take out the two guys that are in it and pick up the Medium Medipak. Enter the room to the east and prepare to fight your first boss, No-Face.

Level Boss
No-Face: Try to avoid his grenades and flame-thrower. He shouldn't cause you too much trouble. If you can get close enough, just bombard him with punches and kicks. He'll go down in no time.

By John Overlie, Special Contributor to TRMK Mission 2: Sewer >>