Stage 4: Water Element
Maximum Experience Points: 2375

Stage 4 is nothing more than just a maze. There is really no strategy in this level, just mindless roaming. Here is how you should navigate to get to the first key: Start by going Left you will come up to a rope. Go Left, Up, Left, Up, Up, Left, Up, Left. If you go right you can get a Potion.
Next we need to go to the first keyhole. You can get to it by going Right, after you get the key. Go Down, Left, Down, Down, Left, Down, Left, Down, Left, Down, Left.: The door will open and you enter a room with a wodden box on the grond. Quickly jump on the box and wait until the door closes and water starts to fill the room. Let the box float all the way to the top. It will drift right first and then left.
Jump to the room at the left and get the second Key. The water will drain from the room so quickly jump back onto the wooden box. Then go out of the room and go Right. Then go Up, Right, Up, Right, Up, Right, Up, Right.
Make sure before you use the Key make sure that you are facing towards the left. As soon as you use the key, the room will fill with water. You will want to run as fast as you can to the left.
When you get to the second drain in the floor do the Slide move and slide quickly under the closing door. Then the game cuts to a FMV sequence of ater draining. Proceed to the next key.
Go Down the rope. Then go Left, Down, Left, Down, Right. You will come up to a whirlpool. Wait until the wooden box comes over before you jump. Ride the box over and jump off into the room on the right. Keep going right until you get to the Moon Shaped Key.
Go back to the whirlpool and ride it back to the left. Go out of the hall and go down the rope and then to the right. You may want to wait for the box to come over to the left, or you can attempt to jump over the bars yourself, avoiding the eels. You will come up to the final door.
STAGE BOSS: The Water Boss is also fairly easy. Don't stay stationary or he will shoot water from underneath you sending you flying and drop from up high. Try to get the boss to shoot his upward water blast by jumping towards him. Before you get to him hit back while in the air and then do the Air Ice Blast. Once you do freeze him hit, don't combo him, just simply statter him into pieces by uppercutting him. Repeat.

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