Stage 3:Earth Element
Maximum Experience Points: 1425

Stage three could get tricky if you don't know where to go. You'll want to start off by going through the smashing platforms and avoiding the pitfalls that so conveniently open right under you. You'll come up to a platform that doesn't have a top platform. Remember this spot. Continue [ast this and fall into the next hole ahead. There is a Potion, Formula, and Herbs. Grab them before the platform shoots you out of the hole. Time the swinging blades by either continuously running when the blades have swung past you, or run past them 2 by 2. Keep going right, past the rope to the point where you come up to two swinging blades with the Square Key in between. Wait for the hole to close up. Run in between them, quickly hit the Use button and jump out of there.
You can go further right and you will find a Potion for a free man. Go back left until you get back to the rope. Climb down the rope quickly because the ceiling follows you.
As soon as you hit the ground, hit the Select button to access the Inventory Menu use the Square Key. Run towards the right and defeat the enemies who now have bow staffs. They are pretty harmless if you don't give them any room to combo you. After you defeat them you will come up to a platform and the game will load for 2 seconds. When the platform shoots you up, go to the left and grab the Cold Regenerator and the Potion in between the crushing platforms. Go over to the hole in the ground.
Jump down into the hole and hold left or right because you'll want to get these potions. If for some reason you cannot pick them up check your Inventory to make sure that it isn't full. Drop into the hole and run right. Hop on the platofrm and let it shoot you up. By now you should have the Air Ice Blast which is the same movement as the Ice Blast but is done in the air.
Go to the right this time and you will come up to a levitating, rotating monk from MK1. If you get too close to them they will electrify you. You cannot freeze them while they are are rotating. You will have to wait until they teleport until you can freeze them. When you do they fade in and out and then explode. Becareful with the second monk because there is a strategicly placed hole where if the monk shocks you, you fall back into the hole. Defeat him and continue to the right.
STAGE BOSS:The Rock Boss has a pretty simple pattern. Run up the the boss while he is walking towards you. Uppercut him and then jumpkick him. he will stumble backwards. Repeat.
After you defeate the boss, go over to the skull and Use it. A platform will drop from the ceiling. Quickly turn around and run over to the platform because it will be moving upwards quickly. Ride the platform all the way to the top where you will come up to the Key. Then go out the door at the left and stand under the symbol for that key that you got when you defeated the rock boss.
Remember where the single platform was at the begining of the level? The door above that platform will open and the ceiling where the rope is hanging by the door will ascend. Go up the rope and make you way back to the left. You will come up to a rope. Pass by that rope and continue to get back to that single platform. Let it shoot you up and the game will load again.
Jump up to the right and defeate the monk. Grab the key and drop down the hole that opens up underneath you. Grab the Potion and shoot back up the hole. Continue to go to the right. You should go up the rope, unless you want to go to the right where you will have to go through a ton of swinging blades and crushing platforms just to get 3 Herbs. Use the Triangle Key at the door and this is the end of the level.

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