Stage 2: Wind Element
Maximum Experience Points: 875
Password: THWMSB

Stage 2 is very dificult. It is nothing like the first stage. It involves lots of platform jumping and timing sequences. This level is probably going to frustrate you, so go grab a pillow and a punching bag, cause you're going need it. You begin at the top of a mountain where the FMV sequence left off. Go right, cause left is a long way down. Defeat the bad guy and move towards the blown out part of the mountain. Wait for a wind gust to guide you across. Jump up to the pillar above you and Jump Kick the enemy off the pillar. Then wait for the wind gust to take you up to the next pillar.
At the end of the bridge the next two pillars will collapse after you stand on them for 2 seconds. Quickly punch the enemy off the first pillar then jump to the next and grab the Herbs and jump down to the next pillar. Keep jumping from pillar to pillar and kill or kock off each enemy or they will do the same to you. When you come up to the pillar next to the fans, you reach a Checkpoint. Wait until the rotating platform is almost in front of you before jumping on it. Then time each jump from rotating platform to rotating platform. You will want to jump right before the two platforms meet each other. Then run across the bridge and then let the wind gust aid you across to the next pillar. Be careful because that pillar will collapse.
Grab onto the first rope and slide down it until you come even with the Green Potion. To the right of the rope is a ledge that contains a Green Potion for a free man. Jump back onto the rope and continue to jump from rope to rope until you come to the last one. Wait until a wind gust appears and ride it up to the ledges. Go towards the left. Defeat an enemy and jump up to the next ledge. Jump up the the ledge on the left and defeat another enemy.
Now make the long jump up to the next platform and you will receive one of the three Keys to the Wind Element. Now make your way back towards the right. Go down to the bottom ledges and keep going right. Run across the bridge and jump across one pillar and wait until a wind gust aids you across to the next 2 pillars.
Here is the place where you will need to use your round key you got back earlier in the stage. Hit Select to access the inventory menu. Then, highlight the Round Key and then hit Use. Exit the inventory menu and return to the game by hitting Select again. Suddenly a huge tornado appears. Jump into it, but do not ride it all the way up to the top just yet. Hold down to get to the right height for Sub-Zero to exit the tornado, or he will fall to his death.
Jump across to the red bricked bridge. Run all the way across as the bricks will crumble from underneath you. Once you make it across, jump down where the bridge used to be and make your way all the way back to the left. Run or jump off the edge over to the ledge where the Triangle Key awaits. Jump back on to the ledge and back up to the ledge right above you. Jump back across and make your way back into the tornado.
Ride the tornado all the way up to the very top and then move right until you reach the ledge. Here is where you need to Use the Triangle Key. Run inside and defeat the enemies. This is a good place to fight as many enemies as you can to aquire enough Experience Points to receive the powers of the Upwards Freeze: D - F - HK and the Ground Freeze: D - B - LK
When you come up to the gray button on the floor wait for an enemy to come, or go back and get one. Maneuver the enemy over to where the button is and freeze them. Push them onto the button and freeze them 3 more times for good measure. (Make sure they are on the button!).
Then proceed into the room on the right quickly. You will come up to the Square Key. Quickly grab it, turn around and run out of that room and back to the tornado.
Jump back into the tornado and go down to the bottom ledge again. Jump across the bridge and on to the next platform.
These swinging platforms are kinda tricky until you get the timing down correctly. Wait until the platform is in the background. Right when it starts to head back to the other side, jump.
Keep jumping from platform to platform until you reach the next keyhole. Use the Rectangle Key and then proceed through the door. The next 8 pillars will collapse from under you, so make your jumps fast and precise. Then on the 9th pillar you will come up to some more fans. Use the same technique as the previous fans to get across. The next swinging platform is a little tricky. The timing is diffrent than the others. Wait and make sure you get the rythem down. Defeat the enemies on the platforms and then you will come up to a wind gust. Ride that wind gust all the way to the top to battle Fujin.
FINAL BOSS: Fujin is quite deadly in the air. Use run up combos frequently to keep him grounded. If he does get into the air. Watch out for his levatation gust, and when he attempt his tornado in the air duck under it and go uppercut him, or use the Upward Freeze and then uppercut him. Right after he hits the ground run up to him and do more ground combos.
In order to beat Fujin you must run all the way to the left, right after the final hit on Fujin. Fujin will perform a huge tornado move. Run away from this move and keep at least as far as the Blue Arrow indicated by TRMK in the picture to the left. Fujin's tornado will collapse and he will fall to pieces.

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