Stage 1: Shaolin Temples
Maximum Experience Points: 260

Stage 1 is a fairly easy stage. Your main objective is to retrieve the Map of the Sacred Elements. You begin by breaking through the window and suddenly you are confronted by Scorpion. He says, "You will fail!" and then runs off into the level. Walk towards the right and open the door. Turn around and go back to the begining of the stage. Practice some combos on the first enemy. The combo from MK3 is a good one to start off with: [6 Hits] HP - LP - LK - HK - B+HK. Keep moving towards the right.
Pay close attention to the ceiling in the fourth room. There, up on the ceiling is a round pilar. That pillar will fall and smash you into a pulp if you aren't careful. Slowly walk up to the pilar and right before you get to it hit Low Kick so that the pillar prematurely falls in front of you. While it is returning to the ceiling, run as fast as you can past it. Don't go too far or you will get smashed by the second pilar right after the first. Repeat the same strategy as the first pilar on this one.
By now you should have enough experience points for the Ice Blast power up by now: D - F - LP. Also you can also attain the Slide power up: B - LP+BL+LK. The way you can see if you recived a particular power up is right when you gain enough experience points a little icon appears at the top of the screen in the middle, or by hitting Select to access the Inventory Menu.
After you defeat as many enemies as you can along the way, you end up at the end of the temples. It seems like there is nowhere to go. Jump up on to the ledge of the balcony and then jump off of it, staying close to the building. You should bounce off of the awning and safely on to the ground. Checkpoint #1. Go back into the Temples and make your way all the way back to the left.
During the trek to the front of the Temples, you should encounter a rope hanging from the middle of a room. Do not climb the rope just yet because there is a door at the top and it is locked. Keep running to the left and defeat any enemies as you go along. Finally you reach the final room where you are greeted by Scorpion who says, "The map is mine Sub-Zero." and the same MK4 announcer says, "Fight!"
STAGE BOSS:Scorpion is a relatively easy boss character compared to the ones you will encounter later. He does not have any special weapons, but his combos are devastating. The easiest way to defeat Scorpion is to pulmet him with Ice Blasts, and then running up to him and performing the 6 Hit combo. Do this routine about 9 times. After the final hit Scorpion drops to his knees and the announcer says, "Finish Him!" Scorpion pleads, "Spare me." You can preform Sub-Zero's Head Rip Fatality on Scorpion by doing F - D - F- HP (1 step away) from either side.
Run all the way to the left of the room and jump up the platforms to get to the Map of the Sacred Elements. When you grab the map, the door above the robe in the room to the right opens and Sub-Zero can proceed with returning the map back to the Lin Kuei. Run back to the room where the rop was hanging and jump up to grab it and start the make the long climb up to the roof. Do not jump off until you have reached the very top of the rope, or you will fall all the way down to the bottom and die.
When you get all the way to the very top of the rope hit Right on the directional pad and Sub-Zero will slide down the zip line to where he will return the map back to the Grand Master, where he will learn of his next mission.

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