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Bo' Rai Cho Johnny Cage Kano
Kenshi Kung Lao Li Mei
Mavado Quan Chi Scorpion
Shang Tsung Sonya Blade Sub-Zero
Blaze Cyrax Drahmin
Frost Hsu Hao Jax Briggs
Kitana Mokap Nitara
Raiden Reptile

Jax Briggs

  • Status: Special Forces
  • Alignment: Good
  • Difficulty: 2
  • Weight: 350
  • Height: 6'8"
  • Fighting Styles: Muay Thai, Judo
  • Weapon Name: Tonfa


Jax spent most of his time in the heavily fortified underground facilities of the Outerworld Investigation Agency. From an enormous underground chamber, Jax would send his agents to the other realms by way of man-made inter-realm portals. Two of his agents, the cyborg ninja Cyrax and the rouge swordsman Kenshi, had been assigned to the realm of Outworld - a domain of strange creatures and maniacal sorcerers. Jax would soon be reminded of just how dangerous a threat to Earth that realm could be.


Jax had a score to settle with the traitor he knew as Hsu Hao. Now revealed to be a member of the Red Dragon, Hsu Hao had infiltrated the Special Forces Outerworld Investigation Agency and destroyed it with a miniature nuclear weapon. Making good on his promise, Jax eventually caught up with Hsu Hao and ripped the implant from his chest in retribution. Hsu Hao died a most painful death.

How to Unlock

Unlock the SA koffin under The Krypt. It costs 3780 Ruby Koins to open.

Special Move

  • Piston Punch: D , F + A1
  • Machine Gun: B , F + A4
  • Ground Pound: F , F , D + A3


  • Head Stomp: D , F , F , D , A2

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