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Kenshi Kung Lao Li Mei
Mavado Quan Chi Scorpion
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Kitana Mokap Nitara
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Quan Chi

  • Status: Sorcerer
  • Alignment: Evil
  • Difficulty: 4
  • Weight: 210
  • Height: 6'7"
  • Fighting Styles: Tang Soo Do, Escrima
  • Weapon Name: Broadswords


Stranded in the Netherrealm, Quan Chi was persistently tormented by the ninja spectre Scorpion. But with assistance from Moloch and Drahmin, Quan Chi discovered the truth about the amulet he had stolen from the fallen Elder God Shinnok. An ancient Rune Stone bearing the likeness of his amulet revealed new information that would enable Quan Chi to traverse the realms through a network of ancient gateways. Narrowly evading Scorpion's wrath, he escaped the netherrealm through one of these gateways and emerged in an ancient tomb in Outworld.


The Deadly Alliance was successful in reviving the mummified remains of the Dragon King's undefeatable army. It would appear that nothing could stand in the way of Shang Tsung and Quan Chi as they began their domination of the realms. Unfortunately for Shang Tsung, however, Quan Chi had no further need for the partnership. Once Shang Tsung had finally revived the last of the mummified warriors, Quan Chi closed the portal to The Heavens and effectively shut off Shang Tsung's endless supply of souls. Quan Chi then instructed Kano to assassinate Shang Tsung in a surprise weapon attack. With their captor cut wide open, the thousands of souls Shang Tsung had consumed in the past spewed forth and swirled around the room. Quan Chi came to the realization that if Kano could so easily turn on Shang Tsung, he could also turn on Quan Chi himself. Quan Chi used his sorcery to drain the life from Kano and left his body where it fell. Immediately one of the lingering souls shot into Kano's body. To Quan Chi's surprise, the man standing before him was no longer the Black Dragon thug known as Kano. Kano's body now contained the soul of the Shaolin monk... Liu Kang.

Special Move

  • Skull: D , B + A1
  • Rising Star: B , D + A4

Style 1 Move

  • Spinning Sidekick: B + A3
  • Lightning Strike: B + A1
  • Pain Killer: A1 , A1 , A2 , A3 , GRAB , A4 , GRAB
  • Green Mountain: A1 , A1 , A2 , A3 , A4
  • Internal Power: A1 , A1 , A3 , A3
  • Strong Wind: A1 , A1 , A2 , A2
  • Downward Elbow: B + A1
  • Forward Open Palm: A2
  • Low Spearhand: D + A2
  • Front Ball Kick: A3
  • Low Parallel Punch: D + A3
  • Inside Cresent Kick: F + A3
  • Sweeping Knife Hook: A4
  • Low Foot Strike: D + A4
  • One Knuckle Fist Punch: B + A4
  • Reversal: [SM]
  • Throw: F + [SM]
  • Path Maker: A2 , A2
  • Nightfall: B + A1 , A4
  • Rushing Palm: A1 , A1 , A1
  • Running Stream: A2 , A3 , A4
  • Walking Dead: B + A1 , A3 , A3
  • Knee Chop: D + A1
  • Open Palm: A1

Style 2 Move

  • Neijin: [SM]
  • Throw: F + [SM]
  • Straight Fist: F + A4
  • Double Pinasaka: A1 , A1
  • Hit and Run: A3 , A1 , A1
  • Rushing Knee: A4 , A4 , GRAB
  • Slitting Hand: A3 , A1 , F + A4
  • Ice Pick: A2 , A4 , A4 , GRAB
  • De Cadena: A3 , A1 , B + A1
  • Pinasaka: A1
  • Pintok: D + A1
  • Cutting Elbow: D + A4
  • Rising Knee Strike: A4
  • Deadly Palm: B + A4
  • Piercing Elbow: D + A3
  • Chest Strike: A3
  • Planchada: D + A2
  • Backhand Strike: A2

Weapon Move

  • Doom Blade: A3 , A4
  • Strong Slice: [SM]
  • Dual Side Slash: A4
  • Half Moon Slice: D + A3
  • 2-Hit Strike: A3
  • Winged Strike: D + A2
  • Dual Blade Swing: B + A2
  • Deceiving Strike: A2
  • Double Edged Blow: D + A1
  • Piercing Thrust: A1
  • Circular Slash: D + A4


  • Neck Stretcher: B , B , F , B , A3

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