Mortal Kombat (2011)

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Baraka Cyrax Ermac
Freddy Krueger Jade Jax
Johnny Cage Kabal Kano
Kenshi Kitana Kung Lao
Liu Kang Mileena Nightwolf
Noob Raiden Rain
Reptile Scorpion Sektor
Shang Tsung Sheeva Sindel
Skarlet Smoke Sonya Blade
Stryker Sub-Zero Cyber Sub-Zero
Kratos Quan Chi


A malevolent spirit of the Dream Realm. Freddy Krueger preys on the souls of the living as they sleep. When Shao Kahn began to steal Earthrealm's souls - souls Freddy Considered his own - Freddy battled the emperor in the Dream Realm. But Shao Kahn's will was too strong. He pulled Freddy into the real world, where he was mortal, and defeated him. A badly injured yet determined Freddy fitted both his hands with demonically enhanced razor gloves. Once he has killed Shao Kahn he will find a way back to the Dream Realm, where he will torment Earthrealm's souls for eternity.

Freddy Krueger

    How to Unlock

    Freddy Krueger will be released on the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Marketplace on August 9th, 2011.

    Special Move

    • Hell Spike (Close): D B FP
    • Hell Spike (Medium): D F FP
    • Hell Spike (Far): D B F FP
    • Sweet Dreams: D F BK
    • Glove Toss: B F BP
    • Freddy Fingers: D B BP
    • Dream Shift (Away): D B FK
    • Dream Shift (Towards): D F FK


    • What A Rush: FLIP STANCE + BL


    • Tell Em Freddy Sent Ya: B F D D FP (Anywhere)
    • Welcome To My Nightmare: D U F B BL (Sweep)


    • Babality: B F D FP

    Pit Fatality

    • Stage Fatality: F D D FK

    Mortal Kombat (2011)

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