You're Injustice top 10

List your top 10 most awesome things about Injustice.

Bane- 3 venom tubes + super move =54% damage
Arkham/Joker Asylum throwing the pig at someone followed say helllo to my little pig.
Using the sliding rail intractable in Atlantis
The theme song
Tantrum Stance
Mystery battle Mode (super speed mode is crazy)
All of Nightwings specials + meter burn
Fast access to new dlc and skin packs
My Injustice fight stick ( almost fully modded)
Wonder Woman's victory pose while wearing the Regime armor
Joker's Aslyum and Fortress of Solitude music tracks
Green Lantern's trait cancel
Cyborg's "Booyah"
Batman Beyond skin
Superman using the Superman punch
Clash banter
Wonder Woman's B2+3
Hero card portraits(though, it's a shame they're so hidden)
Green Lantern's "Damn straight"
Joker's B+1, 3
Bane's intro and outro and super
Batman's super
Joker's Super
Bane's Super
The fact that I can dash under Green Lantern's air rocket bullet
Raven's leotard
#600 even though I don't have the costume
Flashpoint Batman
Arkham Harley skin

Hitting Superman with the Batmobile

Hitting Bane with the Batmobile and saying "No Bane this time I break you"

Wonder Woman #600 costume's new face even thought I don't have the costume

New 52 Wonder Woman and I want that costume and the Superman and Batman New 52 skins too!!!
Wonder Woman
The XP System
The variety in Battle Mode
Interactive Stage Elements
Stage Transitions/Dimensions
The Bonus Content a.k.a. DC Krypt
The healthy amount of DLC, especially with what is still projected
Similar gameplay mechanics to MK9
Harley Quinn
Harley Quinn's Super
Catwoman's throw (She grabs the victim at the crotch.)
Catwoman's second outfit
Harley Quinn's first outfit
Catwoman's Whip
Killer Frost's Ice Impale
Killer Frost's Super
Background Interaction
Squirrelpion's Ares voice
"How about an arrow up your ass?"
Ares reset loop
Killer Frost's ass
Three barrels on Stryker's Island - Yard
Batman Beyond
Superman killing Shazam
Nightwing Dick jokes
"Grundy thinks you handsome - Grundy think so too"