Your wishlist for MK10


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I know that is too EARLY to speak about MK10,but is cool compart some ideas on the forum :)

What you want to see on MK10?

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Liu Kang and Human Sub-Zero

Havik, Evil Liu Kang, and more online games.

Why the hell would you wanna see Liu Kang Evil? That's too extreme for Liu Kang to be evil. Liu Kang being netural or under control by Quan Chi is better.
Online 4 player tag, more arenas at least twice as much, all with stage fatalities. More classic costumes, human scorpion, friendship, mercy.
What i would like to see happen in mk10 is this,

1:all warriors that were killed to be resurrected.
2:human sub zero.
3:more action with human smoke.
4:a little back story on human scorpion.
5:noob saibot to have a split personality.
6:some mk romance.

my list of wishes for mk10 ;).
1. Better online play
2. Better online play
3. Better online play


For real though
2. More characters (Tanya, for one)
3. Longer, maybe more in-depth story mode
4. Something similar to the challenge tower
5. A better unlockable for completing said challenges than just some skanky outfit. Similarly, less skankified outfits for the female characters. I usually don't complain about this, but MK9 was pretty bad in that dept.
6. A versus handicap fight mode (1 v. 2)
I could probably think of more.
chapters for the bad guys on story mode.
more alities.
more unlockable characters (a few more)
more secrets we wont all know from the internet
bigger krypt
more alt outfits (and not just clasic stuff from mk2 or 3 or whatever and not just ninjas)
better fatalities, not every other fatality where there killing stuff thats already dead. like just have a couple of those in the game for laughs but cmon get more serious with the fatalities.
more hidden characters.
no old stages. (let them sit out for a game or 2)
new characters.
no dashing! bring back running.
motaro. (mabey. depends on the story)
biographies in the demo. (in the main menue when you dont press anything)
more stages and more with stage fatalities.
better online of course
and make sub zero human again.
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My wishlist

All characters who died in MK9 (except Liu Kang and Motaro), to remain dead in the storymode of MK10 or maybe resurrected only at the end.

My Character wishlist

Forces of Light
Johnny Cage
Bo Rai Cho

Forces of Outworld
Ermac (King Jerrod)
Li Mei

Forces of Netherealm
Quan Chi
Noob Saibot
Liu Kang (resurrected)
Hsu Hao
Hellbeast boss
Oni warlord boss

I guess remaining characters can be either unlockable or dlc and absolutely no guest characters. ;)

And I would also love the story to be as described in this thread.
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Why does everyone in this forum want Liu Kang evil?
Not neccesarily evil bro, I too prefer him to be manipulated by Quan Chi than being evil. Also sadly, that seems like the only way to bringing Liu Kang back cause even if the elder Gods resurrect him, he will have a personal vendetta against Raiden.

Plus I assume all the earthrealm warriors who perished will again return back as minions of Quan Chi, not only Liu Kang.
#0. Customizable private matches. some details of ideas
#1. no input bug
#2. a good story mode.
#3. please keep the same meter it is perfect imho
#4. balanced gameplay
#5. OP top tier Drahmin
#6. more combat codes.
#7. Challenge tower
#8. a gimmicky online mode (puzzle mode or test your luck0)
#10. a training mode that has more tools
#11. down one and standing ones that don't beat jump-in kicks/punches
#12. a krypt that I wont finish before the games a week old.
#13. more characters to unlock (I'm talking half the cast) you should be able to buy a cheap dlc to buy them all for tourneys.
#14. mk related dlc
#15. non-region blocked lobbies
#16. net code =P
#17. better tutorial that explains the pressure used in high level play.
#18. the ding sound when one more hit will kill

NRS, in an ideal world I would love it if you used GGPO, but alternatively, the servers for SSF IV and AE were pretty good.

A training room where YOU can control and record what your dummy does.

A tournament mode (SF III has one.....)

EDIT: Evil Lui Kang would be just as lame, if not worse, than Evil Ryu.

Characters dont have to become "evil" to be cool you know....
the only thing I was annoyed about with mk was the lack of secrets, the boring fatalities and the dumb netcode. so if mk10 fixed those things then ill be fine
I really wouldn't mind if mk10 didn't have fatalities they take away from the fights and are too time consuming. but really there a traid mark so I'd be happy if each character only had one =P
I really wouldn't mind if mk10 didn't have fatalities they take away from the fights and are too time consuming. but really there a traid mark so I'd be happy if each character only had one =P

I don't know about that. How about pick a fatality? You have to unlock other fatalities in the krypt or maybe through some type of adventure mode
1) not many resurrections (liu kang and sub-zero are enough)
2) better fatalities
3) MKDA arenas
4) chess kombat
5) test your luck
6) challenge tower