Your perfect way of playing the 2D MKs


Your perfect way of playing the 2D MKs [DELETED]

I deleted this post so as to remove all illegal downloading information. I really do wanna try and stay a clean and legit gamer...
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FINE! I'll stop all illegal downloading permanently, and re-declare my promise of being a clean and legit gamer forever! Now are you happy!?

Mods, Thank You for deleting that other thread. Can you now please delete this one as well?

I WILL try to be clean and legit from now on, but until then, I'm taking a breather from this place...
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It's simple.
Fork out some cash and get a Sega Genesis or Super NES and get MK1, MKII, MK3, UMK3 and Trilogy on those platforms..... or get the Arcade Kollection on PS3 / 360.
100% legit gaming. 8)
Definitely the original arcade cabinets. Played MKII at Circus Circus in the arcade for the first time in a while and even though MAME provides a very near perfect emulated game, it doesn't come close to the experience of playing the real thing.