Young Sub-Zero timeline!


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I'm a bit confused about the Sub-Zero timeline (mainly from MK:DA onwards).

Can anyone help me? Here's what I've got so far.

I really would appreciate all responses.


Mortal Kombat II

· Lin Kuei send Young Sub-Zero and Smoke to Outworld to assassinate Shang Tsung
· Young Sub-Zero learns of Scorpion’s vendetta against his older brother
· Scorpion witnesses Young Sub-Zero spare a life in the Outworld tournament

Mortal Kombat 3 / Mortal Kombat Trilogy / Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3

· Young Sub-Zero and Smoke return to Lin Kuei to find them turning their warriors into cybernetic ninjas
· Young Sub-Zero escapes, breaking the Lin Kuei’s code of honour
· Smoke, Cyrax and Sektor are programmed to hunt down and assassinate Young Sub-Zero
· Young Sub-Zero receives a vision from Raiden asking for his help against Shao Kahn’s invasion
· Young Sub-Zero encounters Smoke and convinces him he still has a soul
· Young Sub-Zero overrides Smoke’s programming and they battle Cyrax and Sektor
· Young Sub-Zero assigns Cyrax a new mission to terminate Shao Kahn - Smoke is captured by Shao Kahn's army

Mortal Kombat 4 / Mortal Kombat Gold

· Raiden summons Young Sub-Zero to assist against Shinnok’s army
· In homage to his elder brother Young Sub-Zero dons his sibling’s attire
· Young Sub-Zero holds essential information passed down to him from his brother in regards to stopping Shinnok
· Scorpion meets Young Sub-Zero in Goro’s Lair and the two fight
· Scorpion gains the upper hand but Young Sub-Zero explains that he had no role in the murder of his clan
· Scorpion is about to kill Young Sub-Zero until Quan Chi admits to the murder of Scorpion’s clan

Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance / MK: Tournament Edition

· Sektor challenges Young Sub-Zero to a fight for leadership of Lin Kuei
· Young Sub-Zero accepts and defeats him
· Young Sub-Zero comes into possession of the Dragon Medallion which enhances his freezing powers and changes his appearance
· Young Sub-Zero moves Lin Kuei to a remote area in the Artic and holds a tournament to recruit strong warriors
· Young Sub-Zero appoints Frost as his apprentice
· Raiden asks for Young Sub-Zero’s help against the Deadly Alliance.
· Young Sub-Zero accepts and brings along Frost
· Young Sub-Zero and Frost get separated from Earth Warriors in Outworld and Frost attempts to steal the Dragon Medallion
· Frost can’t control powers and seemingly dies
· Young Sub-Zero buries her in Outworld in a holy structure (Cyromancers)
· Young Sub-Zero takes the armour of his newly discovered heritage

Mortal Kombat: Deception

· Young Sub-Zero is attacked by Tarkatan militia in the Living Forest while on the way to rendezvous with Raiden and the others (presumably he is unaware of Raiden's sacrifice and the return of the Dragon King at this point)
· The Tarkatan warriors are defeated by Young Sub-Zero
· Hotaru attacks Young Sub-Zero in order to bring him before Onaga in retaliation to killing the Tarkatan warriors.
· Young Sub-Zero defeats Hotaru
· Young Sub-Zero finds Kenshi who was left for dead by Mavado, and aids him back to health
· Young Sub-Zero and Kenshi head towards the portal to Earthrealm but are attacked by Hotaru, who Kenshi defeats
· Kenshi and Sub-Zero head their own seperate ways (again I presume that although Kenshi is aware that Shang Tsung is dead they find out through Hotaru that Onaga is alive ... forcing Sub-Zero to turn around and go back to Outworld)

· Young Sub-Zero comes across Sareena in Outworld who had regained her human form by absorbing the energy of the realm.
· He offers her asylum within Lin Kuei for helping his brother many years back
· Young Sub-Zero gives her a small metallic object that would guide her and grant her access to the hidden Lin Kuei temple
· They spot Noob Saibot and Smoke leave Shao Kahn’s temple and enter Netherrealm
· Young Sub-Zero tells Sareena to wait in Outworld while he follows them
· Noob Saibot and Smoke attack Young Sub-Zero
· Sareena jumps in and fends off Young Sub-Zero’s assassins
· Sareena loses control of her human form and a dazed Young Sub-Zero sees her as a threat and attacks her.
· Sareena flees not wanting to hurt him

Mortal Kombat: Armageddon

· Young Sub-Zero returns to the Lin Kuei temple and deep freezes Frost and Frost is placed within an ice coffin

**** I presume that Quan Chi, Smoke and Noob Saibot use the information supplied by Sareena to the whereabouts of the Lin Kuei temple, Quan Chi sends Smoke and Noob Saibot there to turn the Lin Kuei warriors into cybernetic ninjas for Quan Chi's personal use (hence the Armageddon Konquest mode where Taven defeats Noob and Smoke in the Lin Kuei temple...... this kind of fits in to the given MK: A bios as Noob is left behind with Sub-Zero who tries to heal him..... could this be a turning point where Noob turns good and alligns himself with his younger brother???)
I think you've jumped to ALOT of conclusions in that timeline...ALOT of them. I think a couple things are out of order as well...mostly all that stuff about Sareena in Deception, I'm pretty sure that all happened in Armageddon. Anyway, I'm short on time right now, perhaps later I'll give it a full critique.
I know that stuff about Sareena might be out of place cos I had prolems sorting out what happened after Sub-Zero buried Frost first time round in Outworld (basically the whole Tarkatan attack in Living Forest, Hotaru, Kenshi, Sareena scenarios)
Plus I think the whole Sareena/Young Sub-Zero story unfolded between MK: Deception and MK: Armageddon (this would lead upto the events of Noob and Smoke attacking the Lin Kuei Temple).