You know what was really cool?


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If you've seen any of the story trailers and streams or any of the latest gameplay videos, there really was a much more cinematic look to the action in the game.

I remember when we all saw the first trailer and Sub Zero and Scorpion were fighting. A lot of neat looking things were happening in that video and the fighting of course looked staged. But a lot of the effects in which we thought was just hype gimmicks actually ended up in the game.

That part where Scorpion gets his head smashed by the branch for example. It isn't like stage interactables like Injustice, you actually do see the opponent get clobbered by those things.

I just thought that kind of stuff was really cool.

Tanyas Husband

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I thought it was cool how they aren't too scared to show blood in the story mode anymore.
The bloodiest point in MK9s story was ripping out Jade's stomach, which even then was barely bloody.


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They look fully in-game to me. I could be wrong though. Pre-rendered and in-game cutscenes usually look completely different. But with the inclusion of QTEs, I bet theyre all going to be rendered in-game.

I also like the cinematic look of MKX. I cant wait to jump right into story mode!