You Found Me! Trophy/Achievement

Andrew G

"Discover and fight Hidden Kombatant 1 in Arcade Ladder"

I know that to get this you need to:
Get a double flawless victory when fighting Shang Tsung in Ladder
Perform a Fatality on him
Don't lose a round in the whole Ladder (Selecting a new fighter counts as a loss)

I don't know about you guys, but this sounds kind of hard
Even on Beginner difficulty
Any strategies for doing this?

I know that selecting a new fighter when you're at the "Finish Him" part won't count as a loss
I'd suggest doing that so that you don't have to do the whole ladder over again if you mess up

Okay so what are the official requirements you need?
Because no one wants to get the two Flawless Victories and perform a Fatality only to not fight Jade
That would suck
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Don't lose a round in the whole Ladder (Selecting a new fighter counts as a loss)

No guide that I've read lists this as a requirement.

Edit - I stand corrected. You CAN'T lose a round. Also Elks points out a great tip/glitch? on how not to. If you get hit and immediately go to character select, you'll kill your chance as it will count as a lost round. If instead you finish the match and get to the part where you can finish him, that is where you can hit Start and go to Player Select, pick your fighter again, restart the match, and not lose a round. Earlier FAQs I'd read didn't specify that you can't lose a round, but I've since read multiple sources saying that you must not have lost a round.

But the double flawless is tough, at least for me.

Luck is also going to play a role in it for all but the best of fighters because it isn't just about learning his patterns. He morphs again!!! I know I've seen 2 characters per fight and i want to say even 3. So it not only involves learning his patterns, but you've got to be prepared for any number of the 26 other fighters he could morph into.

I'll have to go back and play but I do seem to possibly recall that he likes to do his up fireball when you're close to full screen distance away similar to how the hidden Noob does his teleport attack almost 100% of the time you're full screen distance away. Maybe this is something that can be exploited with a teleport combo from Scorpion?
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I just got this trophy using scorpion.
It was on Beginner difficulty and I had 5 flawless through the ladder(7 couting Shang Tsung),and everytime he was about to do a move I teleported behind him and started to combo his ass.
You forgot that you must not block.

I see you got a PS3. So, i suggest using Kratos for this one.

Shang Tsung seems to come up with a way to hit you as soon as the fight starts, which becomes frustrating. To avoid this, once the fight begins, press back two times (backward dash) and then jump backwards. While you are in the air, start performing the command for Apollo's Bow, so that you shoot the arrows as soon as you land. Continue spamming those arrows until you beat him in the 1st round.

As soon as the 2nd round starts, do a backward jump, and start performing the Apollo's Bow command while you're in the air, so that you shoot those arrows when you land. Keep spamming them, and with a little luck, you'll get a flawless victory.

You'll also need luck, because the outcome of the battle depends on Shang Tsung and his transformations. But if you have patience, you'll get him eventually.

Hope that helped.
^im pretty sure you can block, i myself havent gotten this achievement yet but i have yet to hear that requirement
Its Jade.

I used Sektor.

Shang Tsung is VERY predictable.

If you jump backwards as soon as the fight starts, he most likely will use a skull attack.

So teleport :)
^im pretty sure you can block, i myself havent gotten this achievement yet but i have yet to hear that requirement

I've read this requirement in a few posts. I had done the whole process right (twice), but with blocking, and i didn't get to fight Jade. But when i got a double flawless without blocking , i got the achievement.

I'm not 100% sure though that that's the case though. Maybe there is something else.
You forgot that you must not block.

Not true. I've done this and I blocked. Blocking on Shang is pointless since you'll still get chip damage which will kill the Double Flawless required to unlock this.

You cannot lose a single round. Put the difficulty on Beginner and USE THE SELECT SCREEN TRICK! If Shang hits you, beat him (shouldn't be hard on Beginner) and then press Start to open the Menu when "FINISH THEM!" appears on the screen. Select Player Select and you can re-pick your fighter and start the fight with Shang over again without incurring a lost round. Just keep doing this until you get the Double Flawless and then do a Fatality on him.

Try this stuff, too:
I used Kung Lao to get the achievement.

The only requirements is that you don't use a continue/select a player.

You can lose a round. (I think)

Also the best strategy is combo as soon as you see an opportunity and stay on the offensive, since you need to double flawless!
Bloody Jesus has a video up on youtube with detailed steps on how to unlock the fight. He didn't come up with it and credited someone else. Since I can't remember who he credited, i"ll credit his video and his video will credit the person who came up with a full proof way to unlock the fight. But basically its -

* 8 flawless victories (I've read as few as 3, but if you can get 8 that's more sound) before you get to Shang
* Fatality everyone up the ladder (I don't think he lists this as a requirement, but I've read people saying as few as 5 fatalities worked. Just shoot for a fatality on everyone since it isn't hard).

* No lost rounds
* Double Flawless & Fatality on Shang - (see above trick from Elks if you get hit).

As for Shang Tsung, I was able to just dash and uppercut him almost at will on beginner. I think he blocked the 5th or 6th one in a row I did, but I kept uppercutting and eventually caught him again. If you can get him in a corner its a lot easier. It won't work everytime as I did get countered a few times, but this is by far the easiest strategy I've found on beginner to work. I stopped bothering with fancy teleports after he blocked and countered me almost match at least once. I however hadn't followed the no round loss rule and didn't unlock the fight. Will try the above strategy this evening sometime to see if I can verify.
I had such problems to achieve this achievement but finaly I have found my solution.

Beginner difficulty, pick Kratos (PS3) and spam apollo's bow all the time till you get to Shang. You should get few a flawless victory. Of course perform at least 3 fatalities. When you will fight Shang try to do the same trick with apollo's bow. Unfortunately I was quite unlucky with getting two flawless victory on him so I had to pick another character. I tried Sektor, Noob, Scorpion or Ermac. Still unsuccessful. But Smoke and his teleport punch was my solution. You can also easily down Jade by doing this teleport punch trick.

Good Luck!
I cannot for the life of me get double flawless on Shang tsung, I'll get at least one flawless on him, and then he goes into cranky old man overdrive and ruins it for me lol

I'm gonna keep trying, i think this is the only trophy i don't have that is possible to get offline.
Did it earlier today.

-I had only a few flawless victories going into the fight with Shang Tsung.
-I did NOT use a fatality on everyone leading into the fight with Shang Tsung.
-I did perform a fatality on Shang Tsung.

I did it using Quan Chi. He has a health boost (though its smetimes random). You have to really pick your spots when trying to use it after you get hit, as otherwise you will end up having the move interupted and of course moe damage done. After about 5-6 retries (after the Finish Him screen) I was able to flawless him legit the first round, using dash or jump + uppercut. The second round he changed into Sonya and air grabbed me, but luckily I was able to use the health boost without being attacked---twice. This was on beginner. I simply finished him off.

I kicked Jade's butt afterwards. She was harder than Smoke but much easier than Noob Saibot.
I have this trophy and let me give my advice to anyone who needs it. What i did was used Scorpion and used his Spear-Uppercut Combo. If you time this right, Shang will never have an opportunity to get up. Or you could do a cross jump-Triangle(Y)-Uppercut comob. Both work extremely well.
Ok there is some SERIOUS misinformation going on in here. We need to clear this up.

When I fought Jade it was entirely on accident. Difficulty was expert, I may have even lost a round, and Shang Tsung was a double flawless with fatality. That was it, if you can make it to Tsung without losing a round all you have to do is get a double flawless on him and finish him off. I'm pretty damn sure I didn't get 8 flawless victories or any of that nonsense. I threw in a fatality here and there and called it a day.

I don't even think you need flawless victories to get Noob, all I did was throw over and over but I could swear the CPU got me once or twice. I could be wrong though.